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AC is WORKING! + Setting Update for Tuesday 6/21 & Washing Pics


Josh got it all fixed up and with regular maintenance (i.e. vacuuming all the cotton out of the filters) it has been cooling the gym down like never before.  Seriously.  It made a huge difference today when it was hot out, and if you have been suffering from this heat wave it’s definitely a place to find a little relief.

Setting Update

Today we began resetting the Beach.  We stripped, cleaned tape, washed holds, and the large crew (Me, Jon, Jonny, Jay Jay, Danny, Garrett, Nic, Carlo and guest setter Connor Griffith) put up a bunch of problems including Garrett’s extra-super-amazingly-long-route-traverse-thingy.  It is orange with a white stripe and blue chico and it starts on the left side of the beach and ends on the top of the far right.  If you’re into traverses you’ll want to climb this one, especially because we probably won’t ever set a problem this long again.

I don’t have any pictures of the wall yet but we’re adding to it tomorrow as well so I’ll try and take some.  Instead, here are some nice pictures of Danny and Jay-Jay’s hold washing uniforms from the last two weeks.  I should tell you that the hold washing room is sort of like a cold wet sauna with erratically shooting jets of water.  I’m glad nobody took a picture of me when it was my turn…

You can't really tell, but that's Jay Jay in there.

Killer boots Danny!



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