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Spot Setters are now on Twitter. Follow us! + Beach Setting Update

The Spot Setters are now on Twitter!   TheSpotSetting is our user name, or you can click the link at the top of the the right sidebar to follow us.  Blog updates will show up there, as well as tweets from, hopefully, all of us.

Beach Reset Update

Wednesday on the beach was a little less eventful than Tuesday, as we had around 1/2 as many setters.  Carlo is in Rifle getting his picture taken for Rock and Ice’s photo camp, Jon and Garrett were on their way to New York for the Ne2C Central Park comp, and Connor was still celebrating his birthday.  Oh yeah, and Jonny spent the morning at the dentist.  Nevertheless, Danny, Nic, Jay Jay, and I had a nice time filling in the Beach, and when Jonny showed up after lunch he put up some fun problems as well.  I still don’t have a photo, but some highlight problems to look for are, starting from the far right side of the beach, with color, grade if I know it, description, setters initials:

1. Blue   4- or 4?   Far right arete with the DRCC Main Vein on it.  Balancy.  DC

2. Red and yellow chico  3+  Middle of the far right scoop.  JJ

3. Red   5+   Where the right side curves into the main wall, withTeknik Fatty Long Fat Pinches.  CG

4. Dark Green   4- or 4?  Big e-grips jugs, big moves, just right of the center prow.  JH

5. Dark Brown   5-   Starts on Contact Holds War of the Worlds jug, goes left into big pinches in the roof.  JPH

6. Dark Green   3+   Up middle of the bulge on lots of jugs including Atomik Fontainebleau Roof Jugs .  JPH

7. White   3+   Up middle of bulge on rings with a slightly harder top.  JG

8.  Black/Orange Stripe   5+   May be the hardest on the wall.  Up the center of the bulge, starts with two low hands and a difficult cross, kneebar in the roof, hard pockets and crimps at the top.  JH

9. White   4   Just left of the center bulge.  Nice moves on incuts.  CT

10. Black   5/+?   Just left of the center bulge and up to a big move left to an orange Atomik XXXL Fontainebleau Sloper.  NS

11. Neon Pink  5/+?  Up the middle of the slight overhang left of the center bulge.  On e-grips bubble wraps.  DC and JG

12. Brown and 2 yellow chico   4?   Starts left of curve from center of wall to left side, moves up, back right double hands to a Climb-It Patina 3XL, then through some cool jug moves to the finish.  JH

13. Red?  4+ or 5-   Uses big yellow Etch Big Worm and some nice Teknik pinches to go over the mini roof.  DC

14. Neon Orange   3-?   Nice juggy moves.  JJ

15. Yellow, White, Blue Chico mega traverse.  5+ because it is super long and has some hard sections.  Starts on far right and goes to far left.  GG

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