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UBC Central Park Comp Results! + Screen shots from the live feed UPDATE WITH SCORES

Angie Payne and Vasya Vorotnikov win the Unified Bouldering Championships Stop 2!

First place for Vasya and Angie!!!

It’s been a big day for comp climbing, with the qualifiers for the World Cup in Barcelona this morning and the Central Park finals this afternoon.  Here are some screen shots from problems 2 and 3 (the feed wasn’t working for prob 1) and results from the finals of the Central Park comp.  Nice job to all the competitors, especially Spot setter Jon Glassberg and Spot coach Tiffany Hensley, for making finals and putting on a good show!

Men's and Women's Final 2. Ty Landman and Lizzy Asher climbing.

Men’s Final Results

1. Vasya Vorotnikov   3 tops, 1 flash, 43 points total

2. Mike Feinberg *  Ty Landman  2 tops, 1 flash, 40 points total

3. Tyler Landman * Mike Feinberg  2 tops, 1 flash, 37 points total

4. Rob D’Anastasio  2 tops, no flashes, 36 points total

5. Mauricio Huerta  1 top, no flashes, 30 points total

6. Jon Glassberg  no tops, 24 points total

* I am 97% sure this is how it ended up.  I will confirm 100% as soon as they post the scores.  The only question is Feinberg/Ty and I think it comes down to problem 3 which Feinberg flashed and Ty did 2nd go.  I’ll let you know if it changes.  It changed. Oops.  I guess Ty got 3 holds higher than Feinberg on the 1st problem which we didn’t see b/c the stream was out.  So, now the results are accurate.  Sorry!

Men's and Women's Final 3. Jon Glassberg and Dana Riddle.

Women’s Finals

1. Angie Payne!!!   3 flashes!  50 points

2. Sasha DiGiulian  3 flashes!  50 points  (Angie won b/c of countbacks)

3. Lizzy Asher  2 flashes, 42 points (but 2 flashes beats 1 flash)

4. Francesca Metcalf  1 flash, 46 points

5. Dana Riddle  1 top, 36 points

6. Tiffany Hensley  no tops, 31 points

In case anyone is wondering, these comps are scored by # of flashes, then by # of tops, then by # of attempts to top, then by # points.  Points are earned on a per-hold basis.

2nd and 3rd finals problem breakdown with many more screen shots coming soon.

  1. June 25, 2011 at 5:16 pm

    what is a countback?

  2. Jackie
    June 25, 2011 at 7:20 pm

    That is when they go back to the standings of the previous round to break ties. In this case, Angie was ahead of Sasha after semis, so when they tied in finals Angie got the win.

  1. June 25, 2011 at 2:27 pm

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