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UBC Central Park Men’s and Women’s Final 2 Problem Breakdown

Men's 2 on the left. Women's 2 on the right. Feinberg working it out and Angie at the top.

Men’s Final 2

This problem looked pretty fun, and not normal for US competitions.  It was volume-based, and the guys had to do a sideways dyno to triangle volumes stuck on a bigger triangle volume, then mantle up into two slick corner volumes, then stand up and lean left to another triangle (this one had a hold on it) and control the swing to grab the top.  The guys all chose different methods for managing the mantle, and it was quite entertaining to watch.  My favorite?  Feinberg’s backwards method.

Jon sticking the sideways dyno at the start.

Moving into the mantle, Jon got all twisted up.

And then twisted out.

Mauricio got twisted too. Then figured out how to get up.

This actually worked. It was a grunt though.

Then he ended up like this...

Then he sent! 3rd try.

Rob D doing things a little differently and much faster. Francesca Metcalf on the women's.

And the elbow...

Standing it up! He went on to send. It wasn't a flash though.

Feinberg trying to decide how to mantle. You can see Angie Payne on women's 2 to the right.

Feinberg looking like he's having fun. Good thing, cause he's backwards. He worked it out and sent though!

Feinberg keeping his balance on two slippery volumes.

Ty did things slightly differently from the others and made the problem's only flash.

Vasya getting in to the mantle.

He went with the left facing method. He fell from the top 1st go, then sent a bit after. Not positive how many tries.

Women’s Final 2

This one looked harder than it looked, if you know what I mean.  The girls balanced their way through the little teknik crimps/flat edges/slopers?! to gain two huge blobs, then they had to mantle to an undercling and stand it up to two slopey pinch top holds.  It definitely challenged the field…

Sasha DiGiulian on the bottom of Women's Final 2. These bottom moves didn't look so bad but clearly they were quite balancy as many competitors struggled on them.

Sasha DiGiulian tried something a little different before taking the prescribed sequence to the top.

Dana Riddle was looking good, then got stuck.

A decent view of women's final 2. Crimpy start, slopey middle, mantley finish.

Tiffany Hensley sorting out the early moves on final 2. Balancy crimps to two big blobby slopers.

Trying to rock up.

Tiffany still trying to decide what to do with the blobs. At different points she monoed in both bolt holes.

Francesca Metcalf sorted out the blobs but then got stuck on this last move.

Lizzy Asher mid-flash of Final 2. Ty Landman is on Men's 2 to the left.

Lizzy setting up for the awkward and balancy last cross.

The last two holds were slopey pinches, meaning the competitors had to stay in control to match the finish box. Luckily they had a big foot. Lizzy, Sasha DiGiulian, and Angie Payne all made it happen first try.

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