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UBC Central Park Men’s and Women’s Final 3 Problem Breakdown

Men’s Final 3

Men’s final 3 had some nice parallels, with a rainbow of pockets to a matched set of crimps to a matched set of big wide pinches to a matched set of fatty pinch top holds.  Vasya came into this problem as the only competitor to have sent 2 finals, meaning if he finished this one he’d win.  Ty Landman, Mike Feinberg, Rob D’Anastasio, and Mauricio Huerta all sent problem 2, meaning any one of them who finished this had a chance to take Vasya’s victory if he failed.  Basically, every place was still up for grabs.  Jon Glassberg came out first:

Jon Glassberg first go. So close! Is that a mono with his left hand?!

It looks like Jon is practicing for the pocket cross, but really he was just shaking his arms out between tries.

Jon using the straight-on method of crossing through the tiny pockets.

It looks good from here, but again Jon didn't quite snag that next crimp. As Jason Danforth said, those are small pockets for a big guy.

Mauricio Huerta was the second guy out and he twisted his way through the pocket section to the great delight of the crowd.

Mauricio mid-final 4. Pockets to crimps to pinches to pinches.

Mauricio represented well for Mexico, nearly sending Final 3 but falling from the last move.

On his first go, Rob D'Anastasio styled the pocket campus section. Here he is dropping down right hand before moving right hand up to the first of the crimps.

Rob sticking the first pocket-to-crimp move.

Rob D trying left hand first to the pinches.

Roaring at the crowd. Rob was the first competitor to finish final 3 and he did it 2nd go.

Tyler Landman cruising through the bottom pocket moves of Men's Final 3.

First go. Ty went left first, and in this picture he is moving his right hand to the right pinch. He swung out and, apparently surprising himself, slipped off.

Ty gearing up for his 2nd try.

Ty got back on and climbed through the sequence by going to the right pinch first, then the left. 2nd go send.

Mike Feinberg came into this problem in 3rd place. He chose a good sequence and easily stuck the wide pinches section.

Then confidently climbed to the top for the flash. The crowd went crazy.

Vasya came into this problem as the only competitor with 2 sends, meaning if he sent he'd be the champion. He flashed!

UBC Central Park Comp Men’s and Women’s Final Results Post

Women’s Final 3

The wall wasn’t exceedingly steep, but the moves were big and the competitors certainly looked tired pulling several difficult crosses between pinches and crimps on this e-grips/teknik final problem.  Going into the problem Lizzy Asher, Sasha DiGiulian, and Angie Payne were in a 3-way tie, so everyone knew that for them it’d come down to tries on this one.  Francesca and Dana both had a chance to send and get their 2nd top, and if any of the tied-for-first competitors didn’t send this one the standings could shift radically.  Same deal for Tiffany with Dana and Francesca.  The comp was far from over, and everyone was fighting for their place.  First out was Dana Riddle:

Dana Riddle on the bottom of Women's Final 3. She gave some good tries but was unable to stick the next move--the cross to the big pinch.

2nd competitor Tiffany Hensley on the bottom of Women's Final 3 in her Team Crimp Chimps tank!

Tiffany on the lower moves. Women's Final 3.

I don't think that's a matching hold...

After missing the cross a couple of times, Tiffany Hensley got creative to get the big pinch. She matched it, but was unable to continue through the rest of the problem.

Francesca Metcalf was the 3rd competitor on the problem and she made it look quite casual until she fell from the last move.  She got back up there but didn’t finish.  Unfortunately I don’t seem to have any shots of her tries.

4th out was Lizzy Asher. This cross looked very powerful, and was confusing for some of the competitors.

Lizzy somehow got through the crimp section but got a little too spread out to stick the sloper on her flash go. After that she was too tired to get back up there, but having she waltzed up 2 of 3 finals in her gold tights she earned a nice 3rd place.

Sasha DiGiulian sticking the committing toss to a medium-sized pinch. She went on to finish the problem as a flash. If Angie flashed she'd win due to countbacks, if not Sasha would win.

Angie Payne midway through her first attempt on Women's Final 4

Will she stick the powerful last move as a cross?

Yes! Angie Payne flashes for the win!

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