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Hi everyone!  Sorry for the no updating but I have been out of town and away from the internet for a couple of weeks.  Where have I been?  Well, the first week I was gone I was in Moab on a 3.5 day whitewater rafting trip with a group of Wounded Warriors.  I am working on some articles about the trip and excellent Moab-based guide and photographer Eric Odenthal came along and took some pretty spectacular pictures.  I will keep everyone posted as to the article/s when they show up, but til then I just want to say that if you ever have the opportunity to organize or participate in an event for a group of Wounded Warriors you should take it.  Eric, I, and pretty much everyone else on the trip, soldier or civilian, feels permanently changed for the better by the experience.  Here is one picture, not from Eric but from one of the soldiers:

Warriors on Cataract 2011

The trip was funded by many local sponsors and had major support from the Aarchway Inn in Moab, which is an awesome hotel that has a pool and a hot tub and a nice lobby where you can hang out and a great breakfast spread and even a bunch of picnic tables and bbqs and a nice outdoor area so you can grill your own dinner if you want.  Perhaps the most major sponsor was the raft outfit–Tag-A-Long Expeditions–who ran an amazing, safe, and fun trip.  If you are at all interested in checking out the Colorado river, I’d highly recommend using Tag.  And that’s all about this for now.


If you climb at the Spot you’ve probably tried out our slackline.  A couple of years ago a company called Gibbon Slacklines came into the Spot and gave us some lines to test out and put up a poster looking for some guys and girls to try out for a traveling team.  A few regular Spot slackers, including Michael Payton, answered the call, and now that slacklining has blown up Mike spends most of his time traveling around walking lines.  Pretty awesome, right?

Here is an old video of Mike and Andy Lewis slacking at the Spot:

Technique has evolved significantly in the last couple of years as well, check out this new highlights video from the 2011 ISPO show:

And if you don’t remember our amazing slacking events, check out this post for photos and a video of Andy Lewis sticking his 2nd ever highline backflip at the Highline/Highball comp in 2009!  Highline Slackline Madness!!!  And here is a video of the 2010 event:

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