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Outdoor Retailer Show Summer 2011

The 2011 Summer Outdoor Retailer show was, as usual, a long, exhausting, and fun weekend of seeing new products, checking in with people, and collecting an assortment of free stuff.  Below are a few pictures from the experience.

One of the best bits of news is that ProBar is back on the scene and we ordered some for the Spot! ProBars are my favorite kind of bar, and they have their original line plus Fruition bars plus the brand new HALO bars, which are a cross between traditional ProBars and granola bars and taste amazing.  The flavors are fantastic (Rocky Road anyone?!) with reasonable calorie counts and good ingredients.  I think they will be a great in-between-meals snack for bouldering days.

Steven Jeffery has the most amazing home wall...

The first night we were in Salt Lake we attended the PCI bar-b-que at Steven Jeffery’s house. It ended up being a sushi-que when Steven’s friend who owns Yoshi’s brought us an amazing spread of sushi rolls, salads, and chicken and beef stir frys.  After dinner was a bouldering session on Steven’s shed wall, which is like Maple Canyon but on plastic.  Carlo, Jon, Kevin Jorgeson, Courtney Sanders, and a few others battled it out through the heat to climb out some of their extra energy.

New DRCC Slopers!!! The best one isn't even in this pic!

The next day was our first day at the show, and after 1/2 hour of trying to find the new exhibitor’s pavilion I discovered The DRCC booth.  They’ve been at the show before, but due to some scheduling conflicts they ended up as new again.  No worries, cause the new building (actually a big tent) had some great air conditioning and there was a lot of walk-by traffic.  This sloper set looked amazing as did their new set of dual-tex scoops.

New Asana holds!

Back in the main building we stopped by Asana.  They are adding to their big holds line, and the toadstool (bottom middle) is still one of the coolest and most innovative roof holds I’ve seen.  The big red pinch looks pretty sweet as well.

New Nicros Volumes

Nicros is working on the volume front, and these are a few of their offerings.  When we did the hold review we were overall very impressed with their line and if you have flat walls these bolt-on volumes could be a great solution for mixing up your setting.

I didn’t get more pictures but e-grips has some sweet holds (as usual), Metolius has some sweet edge and corner jibs, HRT has a large and expanding line with good texture, Revolution/Pusher still have some of the most classic and wonderful shapes, and there was a company from Colombia called Thanatos.  I’ve never heard of them but the guy said they’ve been around for 20 years!  Their current line is in resin, but they are looking to move to urethane in the near future.  I’m pretty sure So Ill was there too but I did not see them for some reason…

This guy scares children. I'm not sure what he's selling. Underwear.

There was much to see, though I think this guy took the cake for most ridiculous job at the show.  Apparently this company had a party involving a bunch of these guys, scantily clad women, and hot tubs.  Need I say more?  So, yeah…  The show was exciting, and keep an eye on some of the new big holds that hold companies have been putting together for your setting pleasure.  The boys are setting this week (Jon is en route to Europe) and I’m not sure when I’m in next.  Hopefully they’ll post on twitter when they’re done setting.  Enjoy!

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