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Updates and Rankings and Chicks

Ok, so last week Jon was in Europe and I was back and we washed a bunch of holds and redid the Dojo.  And I went to Urban Climber to try and help rank boulder problems.  Oh yeah, and Jay Jay got her chickens.  What?  Read on.

Dojo reset day 1. The wall is much more full now.

Me, Jonny, Danny, Garrett, Nic, Carlo and Jay Jay set, as usual, a ton of problems on the Dojo including several lines out the roof, the favored low-back-of-the-cave traverse, and some world-cup style techy problems like Carlo’s white on the far left dojo.  Also Jonny tried to bomb Carlo with an exercise ball but Carlo was hiding out in the cave so he finally got tired of waiting and settled for Danny instead:

Bombs away!

Last night I went into the offices of Urban Climber with my roommate Kevin Cuckovich.  We met up with Jason Kehl and Jamie Emerson and Andrew Tower and attempted to make heads and tails of the user-submitted lists of the best boulder problems in the USA.  We called, facebooked and texted everyone we could think of for more input, then set to the extremely difficult task of sorting through and ranking the top 100 problems from those submitted and those we thought up.  The list is far from perfect and probably incomplete but it’s in progress.  Here is us about 4 hours in.  However it comes out, remember that it’s easy to make a list like this in theory, but in practice it is quite difficult.

So, wait...where is the Spectre again?

Also, Jay Jay has been talking non-stop about the impending arrival of her baby chickens at the post office, and yesterday around 10:30 she got the call and had to rush down there to take them home to their new coop.

Jay Jay's babies

She says she’s not gonna eat them.  We’ll see how it goes.  For now it’s just all about getting them old enough for egg production.

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