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Munich World Cup Finals

The last bouldering world cup of the season just took place in Munich.  I didn’t get to watch as much as I wanted but I caught some of qualifiers yesterday and today watched the end of finals.  No Americans made finals though Puccio was the closest with an 8th place finish.  Here are a few screen shots and brief commentary on the finals and the podiums.  Overall scores for the season are out as well, you can see them at the bottom of this page: IFSC – International Federation of Sport Climbing: Competition Calendar.

Briton Shauna Coxsey (who qualified for finals in a proud 2nd) tries the hardest problem in finals–Women’s 3–on which no competitor even made it to the bonus hold (though Anna Stöhr was very close!).  It looked like they should try karate kicking out to or pressing off of the wall to the right, but no competitor that I saw even tried it so I guess it was farther away than it looks.

Anna Stöhr getting as close as anyone got to the bonus on Women’s 3.  She did the stand up quite well but was unable to snatch the bonus hold.  The commentators said that the intended sequence was to step left foot up on that little yellow chip but Anna tried it and didn’t seem to think it could work.  She jumped a couple of times, once with hands on both sides of the volume, once with both hands for the small jib on the volume, but she couldn’t stick.

Klemen Becan (SLO) performed well all season (though he had a lull mid-summer) and just barely missed the podium here in Munich.  If he’d have sent this problem (he flashed to the bonus hold) he would have podiumed.

Home country favorite Jule Wurm making quick and stylish work of Women’s 4 and earning her 2nd place finish.

Mina Markovic (SLO) sending Women’s 4.  For a minute it was touch and go at the top but she worked it out for a total of 3 sends and a first place finish.

Side view of Alexey Rubitsov and Shauna Coxsey on their last finals.  Alexey didn’t send this but came in 3rd, and Shauna had a lot of trouble with the bottom dyno on women’s 4 but eventually stuck it and finished 4th.

Dmitry Sharafutdinov securing the win with the first send (and first flash) of Men’s Final 4.  He did not perform as well as usual in the previous rounds of the comp but made it to finals where he looked back on form as he flashed all 4 of his finals.

Rustam Gelmanov (RUS) with a new haircut nearing the top on his flash of Men’s Final 4.  He ended up in 2nd place.   It looked like he might blow it on the last hold of this problem but after some hip shifting he managed to match the black sloper at the top.

Final Finals Results: 

Women’s Podium in Munich. 1. Mina Markovic (SLO) 2. Jule Wurm (GER) 3. Anna Stöhr (AUT)

The All-Russian Men’s Podium in Munich. 1. Dmitry Sharafutdinov 2. Rustam Gelmanov 3. Alexey Rubtsov

See you next year!

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  1. August 23, 2011 at 1:16 pm

    One of the setters explained to me that indedd the intended sequence was to stand on the bad foot in W3. They climbed it this way. They might have turned it a bit too bad though since neither of the two climbers that got there believed it would go.

    • Jackie
      August 23, 2011 at 10:37 pm

      thanks for the info Herman! Too bad about the problem, though Anna almost pulled it off anyways!

  1. August 24, 2011 at 5:34 am

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