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Climber’s Dictionary

It’s finally here!  For years there have been ongoing talks about how someone should write a good climber’s dictionary.  I was delighted when about a year ago my friend, long-time climber and funny writing hero Matt Samet emailed me with news that he was writing such a book.  Matt is one of the funniest guys in the industry–you may remember his self deprecating essays and hilarious quizzes from his days as a contributor to and the editor of Climbing and other climbing magazines.  Now he’s contributing to the betterment of all climbers’ lives with this large dictionary of climbing terminology from around the world.  The book has over 670 terms and includes everything from standard gear to weird local slang.  Matt and Mike have also set up a website – Climbing Terms.com – where you can submit suggestions, edits, new words, history, and anything else related to the book.

If you are interested in a little preview, here is one of the terms I contributed:

“BLIP phr  : Gym-employee speak for ³Belay Lesson In Progress²{em}i.e., keep an eye out for a customer teaching n00b friends to belay, and be ready to intercede!

*Origin: The Colorado climber Jackie Hueftle coined this term around 1998 while working at the RockSport gym in Reno, Nevada. ³One of my jobs was to do safety checks on the floor, and I felt pretty clever about coming up with BLIP to describe the common problem of a newbie being taught to belay by a friend or other non-gym employee,² says Hueftle. ³It was a blip on my safety radar, and usually needed immediate attention.²”

Here are a couple of the awesome illustrations from Mike Tea:

More info, and to buy it:

The flyer: Climbing_Dictionary_Flyer

Climbing Dictionary : Mountaineering Slang, Terms, Neologisms & Lingo: An Illustrated Reference on Mountaineers Books.org

Amazon.com: Climbing Dictionary

Climbing Dictionary | Facebook

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