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Climbing Dictionary!!!

What are altitoots?  How about the Euro Death Knot?  Need some courtesy floss?  Matt Samet’s new Climbing Dictionary will help you stop sounding like a goob at the crags.  Jon and I were among the contributors to this new definitive book in rock climbing speak, and after seeing a copy I’d say it’s definitely worth owning.  You can check out the book at the publisher’s website here: Climbing Dictionary : Mountaineering Slang, Terms, Neologisms & Lingo: An Illustrated Reference, or on Facebook here: Climbing Dictionary or you can follow the always hilarious Matt Samet on Twitter (with updates of new terms) here: (@ClimbDiction).  Finally, if you want to share your own definition and see discussion and other user-submitted updates (which may make the next version of the book), check out Climbing Terms.com.  You can also watch this practical video that shows how this book may help you in your life:

Climbing Dictionary Promo
by: ClimbDiction


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