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The Gun Show 2011! Photos + Run Down + Results. Hurray!

All photos by and copyright Jay Droeger. Click on the photos for bigger versions.  If you want to share any please give Jay photo credit and link back here. Thanks!

More Dunk Tank

Near the end of the youth comp and running through the beginning of the adult comp we ran the Dunk Tank as a fundraiser for the Spot Youth Team. Throwing balls cost $5 for 3 throws and various athletes, coaches, and Spot employees sat in the hot seat and waited to see if they'd stay dry. No one did. Here, Climbing School Director Brett Merlin watches the ball flying straight towards the dunk button. He's screwed.

A few of the younger kids (and a couple teenagers too--I'm talking to you Dallas Milburn) took it upon themselves to run up and hit the button with their hand when they couldn't do it with the ball.

At least it was a hot day so the dunkees seemed to be having fun. Spot Head Coach David Garcia emerging from his most recent plunge.

Andrew Clinkingbeard holding down the Dunk Tank. Nice sombrero. He needed it--it was hot out there!


The Youth Session

After some early-on excitement the youth portion of the comp settled down and seemed to go extremely well. As usual the kids climbed impressively. Here Spot team member Jack is using good technique and is about to succeed on Advanced 8.

Spot team member Katy giving it on a steep Intermediate problem.

Spot Comp Team member Zach Groenwald succeeding on the technical and punishing O2. It was cool to watch the older kids, especially the strong older boys, struggle on this Fontainebleau-esuqe technique problem set by Carlo Traversi. Even here Zach isn't quite done, he needs to stabilize off his heel hook (many used a toe) to match the flat finish hold without barn-dooring off the wall.

A BRC Team Member crushing the top of this difficult Advanced problem.

Spot Comp Team Member Isaac Moctezuma found a creative bypass for the extremely difficult cross on this Open problem. He dynoed from the start hold to double-catch a sloper.

Youth Results Here

Adult Comp

Crimp Chimps' Amanda the Panda spotting the extremely difficult Open 9.

Women's open 3rd place winner Flannery Shay-Nemirow on A10 during the adult comp.

Women Masters

1. Claudia Williams

Women Rec

1. Jade Sevelow

Men Rec

1. Malcolm Oliver

Women Intermediate

1. Coury Pitt

2. Beth Letourneau

Men Intermediate

1. Kevin Doolittle

2. Garrett Adler

Women Advanced

1. Emily Lewellen

2. Wendy Bradley (in the score sheet below she’s mistakenly listed in Open)

3. Jessica Franco

 Men Advanced

1. Jeffrey Stroud

2. Jason Copeland

3. Ian Achey

Click here for Adult Full Results

Other Stuff

Ian Achey of La Sportiva grilling burgers at the La Sportiva & Native BBQ

4 year old Cedar Pidgeon sporting her custom Verve pants on her way to 15 pull-ups in the Gun Show pull-up contest (with a little help from Frank Mendez). Photo by Keith North.

Part of the crowd sitting for the raffle. We gave away a TON of stuff--shoes, gear, clothes, sunglasses, crimp chimps chalk bags...it was awesome!

Brett about to raffle off the coveted Angry Birds Crimp Chimps chalkpot. It even made noise!

Women’s Open Finals

Jesse Youngwerth styling the rose move on the women's final.

Canadian bouldering super star Thomasina Pidgeon (she's done multiple V12s outside!) misread the sequence and used an extreme (and extremely impressive) lock-off off a foothold above both handholds she was using.

Nina Williams of Fort Collins has been on a tear lately, climbing impressively outside and in. At the Gun Show she won the adult comp, qualifying for finals in 2nd and flashing, meaning if 1st place qualifier (who earned her scores during the youth session) Megan flashed as well Nina would end up in second. That is exactly what happened. Here Nina is sticking the cross that is the hardest and scariest move on the problem.

13 year-old Megan Mascarenas qualified in first and because she flashed the final she won the comp. It was her first open final at an adult event. Last year she qualified several times but was not ready to compete until this year. Nice job Megan!

Women’s Pro Finals Results:

1.  Megan Mascarenas

2. Nina Williams

3. Flannery Shay-Nemirow (also flashed)

4. Tyler Youngwerth (sent 2nd go)

5. Jesse Youngwerth

6. Thomasina Pidgeon

 Men’s Open Finals

First place qualifier Alex Manikowski working his way through the bottom of the finals problem.

Tim Rose was visiting from Pennsylvania and put in a wonderful showing, qualifying in 3rd and ending up in 2nd.

"5.14, V14 Matty Hong" getting a bit tangled in the sequence in the middle of the final. He qualified in 2nd but ended up a bit farther down the list after some apparent confusion about which way his feet should be going. He eventually figured it out but was too tired to stick the alligator out left (Michael O'Rourke is on it below).

Surprise winner Michael O'Rourke eked into finals in a 6th place tie with Ryan Sewell and then went on to pull one of the most impressive campus moves I've ever seen off the Teknik Tufa in the middle of this novelty-hold strewn final. Nobody was able to stick the bear-claw deadpoint at the top of the problem and send, but Michael's manhandling of the beginning of the climb earned him first place. Notice he's climbing in socks. We can only hope this trend isn't catching.

Men’s Pro Final Results:

1. Michael O’Rourke

2. Tim Rose

3. Chase Cazedessus

4. Alex Manikowski

5. Matty Hong

6. Ryan Sewell (it was his birthday!)

Wrap-up wrap-up:

And that was all she wrote for the 2011 Gun Show.  50 new problems, lots of  competitors, spectators, grilling, beer, schwag, raffle prizes, pull-ups, dunking, chalking, and cranking made for a great start to SBS 7.  See you at Psychedelia on October 22nd!

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