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Lead Climbing World Cup in Boulder – Today! – Be There

Here’s the deal. And this is pretty cool actually. People you see at our gyms all the time, probably even people you know, will be competing in an IFSC World Cup of Lead Climbing tomorrow right here at home in Boulder, Colorado! It’s been like 20 years since there was a World Cup Lead in the States. And now it’s happening. Click the banner for the website, but here are the main details for the qualification round:

(Saturday) – Doors open for Spectators at 11:15 and Qualifiers start at 11:30. It costs money, but not very much. It is at Movement, btw.

People you might know who are competing tomorrow? Our very own head routesetter Carlo Traversi, for one. Spot coach Tiffany Hensley, for another. Paige Claassen? Alex Johnson? Sasha DiGiulian? And how about local favorite father and son crushers Steve and Matty Hong!

Internationals you’ve heard of include Slovenia’s Maja Vidmar, Mina Markovic, and Klemen Becan, Japan’s Akiyo Noguchi, France’s Charlotte Durif, the original Spanish wonder-boy Ramon Julian-Puigblanque, and Austrians Angela Eiter, Johanna Ernst, and Jakob Schubert.

But that’s not all! For the whole list click here: IFSC – Boulder World Cup Startlist.

If you don’t live here you can still watch live – IFSC.tv

And finally, in 2005 Angela Eiter did a move at the Munich World Championship that is still the most impressive thing I’ve ever seen a female rock climber do. You can see it in negative in the first moments of the video below (@.22).  If you click here I’ve got it queued up.  Or just push play and wait a few seconds:

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