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IFSC Lead World Cup in Boulder Quali Results

The weather outside is frightful, and the combination of rain and slush falling from the sky probably added to the fairly large number of spectators watching the 4 qualification routes. The fields were divided into two quali groups, but each group climbed the same two routes, starting on B and then climbing A, or vice versa. The top 26 competitors from each group will go to semifinals tomorrow morning, and since there were only 28 women and 34 men, most of the field will advance.

The women’s category had an 11-way-tie for first that included Sasha DiGiulian, and Paige Claassen, in 12th, was literally .5 of a point behind as she fell from the finish hold of her second route (she flashed the first). Chelsea Rude, also of Team USA, tied for 13th with Austrian Katharina Saurwein (who you may remember from this summer’s bouldering WC series). The next 5 places, 15th-19th, were also Americans–Alex Johnson, Emily Harrington, Michaela Kiersch, Tiffany Hensley, and Delaney Miller. Angela Eiter was next in a tie for 20th with Audrey Sniezek, and Ally Dorey came in just behind them in 21st. Amanda Sutton and Amelia Metcalf also qualified, meaning that every Team USA female will advance to semifinals.

Full Women’s Results

The men’s routes seemed to challenge the field a bit better, with the first tie being for 3rd place and the highest placing American being Matty Hong in 11th. The top finisher, Japanese climber Sachi Amma, was the only guy to finish both qualifiers and the only guy to finish quali B. He climbed B fairly late in the game and the crowd when wild when he stuck the difficult cross to the pinch that the few to get there had fallen on and then geared up and dynoed for the finish jug. Sean McColl, tied for 3rd with Ramón Julian Puigblanque, also made a dramatic finish when he seemed to surprise even himself and catch the dyno at the top of Quali A for one of the only 5 sends the route saw. The French competitor Manuel Romain style the route as well but seemed surprised to fall from the final hold. It seemed like he jumped hard, but not quite hard enough to stick it.

For the Americans, the next qualifiers were Carlo Traversi in 14th, Ben Hoberg in 15th, Ian Dory in 21st, Noah Ridge in 22nd, Josh Levin in 23rd, Ben Spannuth in 24th, and Ryan Sewell in 25th. Shane Puccio, Owen Graham, Alex Johnson, Kevin Macartney, and Steve Hong also competed for the Team USA men but will not advance to semis.

Full Men’s Results


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