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IFSC Lead World Cup Finals! – MEN’S Results

The sole American man in finals and the first guy to climb, Matty Hong of Boulder put on a great showing in his first lead world cup final. The crowd screamed non-stop for him as he worked his way though through some creative sequencing to an almost Rifle-esque kneebar rest on a good tufa with insecure feet. He fell off a couple of holds later (grabbing at the orange hold on the next green volume above him) and finished in 6th!

The highpoint on the men’s route was taken by Austrian Jakob Schubert, for his 6th lead world cup win in a row. You can see the holds in the picture above–Jakob fell off slapping at the first orange hold above the lip up on the left.

The 2nd place competitor, Sachi Amma of Japan (who was in the lead for the whole comp til this point) fell moving from the top green volume to the small orange pinch up and left of it.

3rd place finisher Romain Desgranges of France also fell here, but Sachi was ahead after semis and that broke the tie. Manuel Romain, also of France, came in next and fell from almost the same place but did not get credit for touching the pinch and therefore was scored at 33+ (positive movement off of hold 33) instead of 34- (touched usable surface on hold 34) like Romain and Sachi were.

5th place went to Jorg Verhoeven of the Netherlands. Jorg stuck the hold Matty jumped at, giving him 30 points and Matty 29+.

Finally, Sean McColl (CAN) and Ramón Julian Pugiblanque of Spain were tied for the whole comp and it was heartbreaking to see first Sean and then Ramón slip unexpectedly early in the route at a dyno to two fairly good holds.  Sean fell from both holds, earning 18- and 7th place, and Ramón touched only one, earning 17- and 8th place.

Romain Desgranges in 3rd, Sachi Amma in 2nd, Jakob Schubert taking top honors.

Full Men’s Results

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