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SBS VII Comp 2 – Psychedelia! – This Saturday! – Setting Schedule

On Saturday, October 22nd, we will be holding Psychedelia! As usual, our pre-Psychedelia setting schedule is set back 1 day because we need extra time for decorating. What does this mean for you, Spot members? An extra day of free climbing at the BRC! (current, paying, active members only)

Spider-adam Markert on the 2010 Men's Final | photo by Adam Bove

Setting & Closures Schedule


9 pm – Begin stripping Beach and Dojo. These walls will be closed to customer use until Psychedelia on Saturday, October 22nd (if you’re in the comp) or Sunday, October 23rd, if you’re not competing*.

*A note about competing. Of late we have been noticing a reduced number of participants in the recreational and intermediate categories. If you are considering competing but feel intimidated, here are a few things to think about:

1. These comps are set for everybody. There are 42 new problems–10 Rec, 10 Intermediate, 10 Advanced, 10 Open, and 2 Open Finals. This means that each category has the same # of problems set for it and no matter your category you are welcome to work problems in any category above or below your own.

2. The goal of our comps is to foster fun events for the climbing community. Everyone should be there psyched to see everyone trying hard, regardless of their ability.

3. Food, drinks, a huge raffle/giveaway, fun special events (in this case a blacklight costume contest & a trapeze act) and a pro finals are there to make the festival even more festivally. Competing costs $35 and Spectating costs $TK



Beach and Dojo are closed all day for setting. Rest of gym is open.

9 pm ish – begin stripping rest of gym with River wall. There will be at least one wall open for climbing until regular closing time of 11pm.



Gym closed. Members can climb free at BRC with their card and a photo ID.



Gym closed. Members can climb for free at BRC with their card and a photo ID.

Taping volunteers show up for your volunteer shifts! If you aren’t sure when you’re supposed to be there, email events@thespotgym.com to coordinate with Andrew Clinkingbeard.

The Fire Dancers 2010 | by Adam Bove

Also, if you know you are coming to Psychedelia (of course you are!) please save time and effort and Pre-register. Psych is $35 or, for only $40 more, you get the rest of the season (two more comps) and a free SBS 7 t-shirt–that’s a $65 value–so you’re saving $25 on the whole package, which is like getting one comp for free!) Spectators can pre-register as well by calling the Spot or stopping by before we close on Wednesday night. Pre-registration speeds up the process coming in the door of this always-busy event.

See you at Psychedelia!

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