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Psychedelia 2011 Wrap-Up and Results + A Bunch of Photos

Psychedelia 2011!!!

Psychedelia 2011 was the best Psychedelia yet!  Innovative new features for climbing on, some truly amazing tape art, fire dancers, and even a trapeze act made this the most off-the-wall event we’ve ever thrown at the Spot!  Read on for stories, results, and media from this one-of-a-kind event.

A view of the main gym from the front.

Set Up

The setters started out on Tuesday night by stripping the Beach and the Dojo. Wedensday those were set, and Wednesday night we stripped the rest of the gym.  Thursday we set all day and installed several special features (see below). Friday we left the gym to the crews of volunteers and Spot staff who came in to set up the lights, decorate, and make sure the gym looked just right.  Here are a couple pieces of tape art, much more is in pictures down lower.

The Dragon by Hunter Damiani | Photo by Jay Droeger

Iron Lion Tape Art | Photo by Keith North

The Comp

The comp itself happened in two sessions–youth and adult–with youth being further broken into staggered sessions to allow the youngest kids to climb for an hour without a bunch of big kids trying to climb around them. Because Psychedelia is so dark and different from normal climbing, we felt this would allow the younger categories some time to get comfortable with the blacklight climbing before things got crazy. In the end over 180 kids showed up for the staggered youth sessions. 35 of those kids were with Team ABC, making them the Team Competition winners again, though the BRC and Spot teams were right behind with 31 and 30 kids, respectively. After youth climbing we fed the group Wahoo’s and drinks, gave away a bunch of stuff with the kids raffle, then kicked everyone so we could prepare for the adult session.

Emcee Brett Merlin giving out some schwag, including cases of Mix 1, at the Youth Raffle.

Mix 1 Rocket Ship | Photo by Keith North

The adult session started at 6 and ran until 9. Over 260 mostly-costumed adults climbed their way through the many special features we put up for this comp including:

The Toilet Seat Finish!

The Bowling Ball turned into a hold.

There was even a swing! This is the tape art on all the holds of the swing problem.

Multi-colored volume on the Native side of the Font Boulder. Painted by Hunter Damiani. If you haven't been to the Spot lately and are wondering what that green thing is on the right side of the Font, scroll down to find out.

The Grab Bag - Suspended Punching Bag at the end of an advanced problem.

Side view of the Grab Bag, the Dojo, and part of the Yosemite wall. You can see the open Coffin in the far right of the photo.

The Vertical Girl crew rockin' out in front of The Coffin

The Slide! We screwed a playground slide to the wall, and a crafty volunteer turned it into a giant fly!

The slide before it was installed.

The Slide in action

Special Events

Fire Dancers!

After climbing there was Wahoo’s food, Avery beer, Mix 1, and several special events, including a costume contest which was won by the fabulously dressed Crimp Chimps Gorilla, fire dancers, a huge raffle, and a blacklight trapeze act by Vertical Girl Jenn Quattrocchi. To see a video of the trapeze act, click here – GIRL BETA » Static Trapeze Artist: Jenn Q

Jenn Q. from Vertical Girl on her trapeze

And Finally…

Sierra Blair Coyle zipping by with the Psychedelia Results

Final Youth Results

Final Adult Results

The Open Final happened after the Adult regular session. The top 6 men and 7 women (there was a tie for women’s 6th place) each got four minutes to try their luck on the Men’s or Women’s Open Final Problem. For results and breakdown, click the link below.

Women's Open 3rd place winner Kara Caputo on the finals zip line by Jay Droeger

For the Open Finals Breakdown click here – Psychedelia 2011 Open Finals Result « The Spot Route Setting Blog

Thanks for coming out everyone!  See you at Highlines & Highballs December 3rd!

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