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Comp Today! Reasons to compete + an impressive little video from Garrett

Yeah. And unfortunately for those of you who wanted to go outdoors today, the weather is right! But don’t be dismayed, cause we just set 42 brand new boulder problems for today’s Highballs & Highlines Comp!

A quick list of reasons you might use to not come compete, and reasons you should reconsider:

1. It costs $.

~ So does everything else in life, it isn’t that much (30/climb, 10/spectate), it is expensive for us to put on a comp but we do it because it is so much fun! Also, it is warm in the gym, we feed you, give you high quality Avery Beer and Mix 1, we entertain you with a sure-t0-be-exciting pro finals and our once-a-year highline slackline competition, and most likely you’ll either win something in the raffle or catch something in the schwag toss that is worth at least the cost of your entry or spectator fee. So, to recap, it’s more than worth it for a fun evening with the climbing community.

2. It is snowing outside and I don’t want to leave the house.

~ Yes, it is snowing. By 5pm you’re going to be bored silly, and if you don’t get some exercise you might not even sleep well tonight!

3. I am a beginner or intermediate climber and I feel intimidated.

~ Spot comps have an equal number of new problems for each category (though of course you’re welcome to climb on problems from any category in the comp). That means there are 20 new rec and intermediate problems, or 20 new problems in the 1-3 spot range. That is a lot of problems. You should get tired before you run out of things to climb. Also, most of the problems are separated on the wall so people can more or less climb at the same time without interfering with each other. Also also, Sender Films is coming to document the efforts of some of our intermediate and rec climbers to help show how much fun it can be to compete in a Spot comp at any level.

4. If I win I don’t get a prize, so what’s the point?

~ We don’t give prizes for category winning to discourage sandbagging. Instead we do an equal opportunity schwag toss and raffle to encourage everyone to climb their best and try some new problems instead of winning the category below the one they should be in for the sake of the prize. That way you get doubly rewarded, once for pushing yourself on the routes, and the 2nd time just for showing up!

I could go on, but the point is Spot comps are designed to be fun community gatherings where the high group psyche will help you push yourself and perhaps even surprise yourself with how well you can climb when everyone is pulling for you. It is snowing, so get on down to the Spot and climb some highballs!

Garrett’s Video


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