Buuda Holds

They have some sweet looking features, like this, the Bib Fortuna

A new hold company has been added to the lists!  Buuda holds, out of Mexico. According to their website they are high quality machine-measured polyurethane with a 5 year warranty. They are shipped from Laredo, Texas, so they are shipped domestically to those in the US and Canada.

buudaholds.com  ~  sales@buudaholds.com  ~  877.430.2808  ~  México


We do not yet have any personal experience with these holds as we just found out about them but taking a look around their website I have seen several sets and holds that look pretty awesome.  Shapers include well-knowns like Louie Anderson. Has anyone else used them yet?  What do you think?

Dunes XL

Erosion Set

The Volcano by shaper Pedro Calzada

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