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Gladiator Finals on Saturday!!! The Setting has begun!


Gladiator Finals Setting!!!

Today Carlo, Jonny, Nic, Gabor, and I set the Dojo and the Beach. Tonight we’re stripping River, Hueco, and Font, and tomorrow we’re setting the rest of the gym with help from Danny and Jay Jay as well. We are looking forward to the comp, and with the weather forecast looking snowy, we hope to see you all down at the Spot on Saturday!


A note on the problems…

As usual, we are stripping all of the main bouldering walls and setting 42 brand new problems–10 Recreational (1 spot to 2+ spot, neon green tape), 10 intermediate (3- spot to 3+ spot, neon yellow tape), 10 advanced (4- spot to 4+ spot, red tape), 10 open (4++ spot to 5+ spot, black tape) and 2 open finals (hard! white tape). This means that there are a ton of new problems for every level of climber, and with the relaxed, block party-like atmosphere of Spot comps, we hope climbers of every level will come down and find out how much fun they can have competing.

On that note, for this final comp of SBS Series 7 we’ve redoubled our efforts to address reach issues to make sure this comp lives up to Spot standards in that the majority of the problems are as accessible to the youth competitors as they are to our taller participants. It is important to us that each and every competitor has a good time and a good chance to succeed on as many problems as he or she is strong enough to do. This sometimes results in a bit “busier” looking wall, as we often add intermediate hand holds and extra footholds to make the problems accessible to different heights. Sometimes there is even a slightly different sequence for taller or shorter competitors, or for competitors who excel at dynoing vs technical climbing. That is why it is good to watch other climbers climb if you are having trouble figuring out a particular problem–sometimes someone else’s beta will show you what you might be capable of. 

Also, for the pro final, the boys are sure that this time SOMEONE will be able to grab the Bear Claw. So you have that to look forward to as well.


Schedule of Events

Online pre-registration runs through Thursday (Feb 2nd, that’s today) at 11pm. To preregister online go here: SBS 7 ~ Registration. You can also call the gym on Friday and pre-register over the phone. We encourage you to pre-register as it helps things go smoothly on comp day and makes it way easier for you to get in the door quickly.


Youth Comp

10 am – Doors Open for pre-registered competitors and for day-of competitors. Competitors can warm up on the Yosemite Wall. Spectators get in free for the youth event.

11am – Youth D and C competitors begin (ages 13 and under)

12am – Youth B, A, and Junior begin (ages 14 – 19)

2pm – Youth D and C session ends and scorecards get turned in. Food is served.

3pm – Youth B, A and Junior session ends, scorecards get turned in, food and youth raffle.

3:30pm-ish – gym should be cleared out to prep for adult session.


Adult Comp

4pm – Doors open for pre-registered and day-of competitors. Competitors can warm up on the Yosemite Wall. Spectating the adult event is free for youth and adult competitors and $10 for everyone else. The competitor or spectator entrance fee includes food, drink, Avery beer (for those 21 and older), and a raffle ticket. Additional raffle tickets can be purchased at the desk – $2 each or 3 for $5.

5pm – Adult comp begins.

8pm – Adult redpoint session ends. Food, huge raffle, gladiator jousting, pro finals, fun!


Hope to see you there!!!

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