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Setting Update for Wednesday 2.22.2012 + Danny’s Best Block Ever

Reset Update 2.22

Today Jon, Danny, Carlo and I added to the Hueco boulder. Most of our holds are up on our walls at the moment so we ended up setting some hard boulders–three 4- spots, 1 4 spot, and a bunch of 5-, 5, and 5+ spots. We also adjusted the grades on a few boulders that consensus seemed to feel were harder or easier than their grades. Enjoy!

Front of the Hueco. Comp problems, reset problems, and new problems from today.

Side of the Hueco. Two new 4- and a new 4 here.

Danny’s Best Block Ever

As you probably know, at the Spot we can’t use screws in most of our walls. If you want to know more about that, check out this article –  Basic Hold and Volume Attachment.

We have sort of an ongoing informal competition to make the best blocks, blocks being other holds used to keep holds from spinning or moving. Today Danny made this excellent combination of pink hold and pink block and he was so impressed with himself we caught him on the ladder marveling at his own handiwork.

Danny checking out his excellent block


Stay tuned for a short article on the excellent Breakthrough Bouldering clinic that Peter Beal, Daniel Woods, and Courtney Sanders gave last night at The Spot.

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  1. Spot Employee
    February 23, 2012 at 11:46 am

    Nice block, Danny. 🙂

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