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ABS Nationals!

Tomorrow is the first day of the 2012 ABS National Championships. Open qualifiers will run all day on Friday, Saturday will be open semifinals and finals, and Sunday is the citizen’s comp! Click the banner above for the USAC site and all the info on the event as well as merchandise, tickets, maps, and hotel info.

Many elite climbers from the US, and even a few International World Cup climbers like Briton Shauna Coxsey and Canadian Sean McColl will be attending the event. Climbers you may recognize from the USAC Lead or Bouldering World Cups or from The Spot and other Boulder gyms and events include:


Alex Puccio, Courtney Sanders, Flannery Shay-Nemirow, Lizzy Asher, Sasha DiGiulian, Delaney Miller, Tyler and Jesse Youngwerth,Taylor Nystrom, Angie Payne, Chauncenia Cox, Alex Johnson, Nina Williams, Sierra Blair-Coyle, Sarah Heath, Spot Coach Tiffany Hensley, Kasia Pietras, Dana Riddle, Mercedes Pollmeier, Francesca Metcalf, and Chelsea Rude.

As of Wednesday the 22nd there are 37 women scheduled to compete and female qualifiers begin at 9:08 with Rebecca Reyhl and continue until Francesca Metcalf finishes climbing around noon.

To see the whole field and find out when your favorite female climbers are scheduled to compete, check here:

ABS 13 Nationals Female Qualifiers Running Order 



Ian Dory, Michael O’Rourke, Jon Cardwell, Adam Markert, Asher Shay-Nemirow, Matt Wilder, Shane Puccio, Colin Bauer, Matty Hong, Alex Johnson, Austin Geiman, Kegan Minock, Josh Youngquist, Spot Head Setter Carlo Traversi, Brian Antheunisse, Spot Setter Garrett Gregor, Daniel Woods, Rob D’Anastasio, Dallas Milburn, Jimmy Webb, Ethan Pringle, and Kyle Owen.

As of Wednesday the 22nd there are 61 men scheduled to compete and qualifiers begin at 3:00 with Nic Rummel. The last climber is Samuel Spirio-Johnston and he begins climbing at 7pm.

Check the full running order to see the whole field and find out when your favorite guys will run their qualifiers:


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