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Setting Update for April 3 & 4 and 6 + New Atomik Holds + Pull-up Contest + Comps Today!

Setting Update

Jonny and Carlo are back from France, I was out of town, and Jay Jay had her other job and school, so Danny, Jon, Nic, Jonny, and Carlo reset the front of the Hueco boulder on Tuesday and Wednesday. I don’t have a picture but the problems looked pretty awesome when we were in there yesterday setting for the…

CU Climbing Extravaganza College Competition!

Danny, Jay Jay and I spent Friday putting up 30 new boulder problems for the CU Climbing Extravaganza!  We added the problems throughout the gym in 3 categories (rec, int, and advanced) that are a little more compressed than our normal comp layout and span 1 spot to 5 spot. To help us set these marvelous new boulders we got a shipment of new jugs from Atomik Climbing!  We are very excited to have these new jugs and, as you might guess from the picture below, they glow in the dark and will be perfect for Psychedelia 2012 in October.

New Atomik Holds!

Comfortable, juggy. Blacklight glowing. Atomik jugs!  And speaking of Atomik…

Pull-up Contest

Atomik is hosting a worldwide online pull-up contest where everyone is eligible.

So there’s that…  and finally…

Comps Today!

There are two climbing competitions going on today in Boulder that I know about. One is the finals of the 2012 SCS National Championships.

 And the other is the CU Climbing Extravaganza mentioned above. The Spot is still open during the CU comp, so if the wind is too much for you come on down to the Spot and climb on our new boulders.  See you there!

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