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Setting Update for 4/17 & 4/18

On Tuesday Jonny, Jon, Nic, Danny, Jay Jay, Carlo, and I reset the right river.

The new Right River

In a departure from my normal schedule I ended up climbing after setting for several hours and it seemed like everyone was enjoying the new problems.  Especially cool are the white/green chico sloper problem on the arete, the white 4+ just right of the arete, the blue/black stripe/black chico just right of the arete (4+?), the yellow 5 spot in the middle of the wall that is much harder than it looks, the black 5 or 5- in the middle of the wall that uses the 2 DRCC scoops, the red 5- on the right of the wall, and the blue 4- and brown 4- on the farthest right part of the wall.  Actually, I think most of the problems were pretty fun and I hope you like them as much as we did.

Today we stripped and reset the Left Dojo. For various reasons we had a small crew today, with Danny, Nic, Jonny and I starting out in the morning and Carlo joining us after noon to finish the day out.  We ended up with a bunch of harder boulders though there are some good 4- and 4 problems as well as a 3+ and even (and possibly the first ever) a 3 spot up the middle of the belly. It is blue with a white chico, and if you’ve never climbed up the left belly of the dojo but always wanted to maybe give this problem a try! Also of note are the white 4 on the left side, the pink 5 or 5+ with some tricky beta at the start (also starting on the far left side), the orange 5-, the blue 5, the red with yellow chicos 5- (starts on rt side of left dojo), and, well…we enjoyed the rest of them as well. Here’s what the wall looks like:


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