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IFSC Bouldering World Cup #3 Log-Dragomer Final Results!

The 2nd event in the 2012 IFSC Bouldering World Cup Season has just concluded and it was quite an exciting finals. Different problems proved to be difficult for different competitors meaning the finals seemed like anyone’s game. Women’s could have been won by Anna, Shauna, or Momoko had problems 3 or 4 gone differently, as it was, Slovenian Mina Markovic competing on her home turf was the only woman to complete all 4 of her finals and the crowd was screaming in support of her. For men 1st place qualifier Guillaume Glairon Mondet had a hard time and several men were in the running for the win, which came down to falls. I will give a more details rundown soon, but for now here are the results:

Women’s Final Results and Podium

Shauna (2), Mina (1), and Anna (3) on the podium.

From left: Shauna (2), Mina (1), Anna (3), Momoko (4), Akiyo (5), Melissa (6)

Men’s Final Results and Podium

From left: Kilian (2), Rustam (1), Thomas (3), Dmitri (4), Guillaume (5), Jakob (6), Alexey (7)

A longer rundown on the finals including more screen shots and detailed descriptions of each competitor’s attempts on each problem will be up soon. Stay tuned!


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