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Setting Update for April 24th and 25th 2012

That’s right…Right Dojo!

The new Right Dojo

Jon and Danny put a volume in the roof. Jonny, Carlo, Ian Powell, and I set a bunch of problems. Jay Jay set one on Tuesday as well but our week was a little off due to a meeting so Tuesday we didn’t get much set. Today we filled most of the available t-nuts with a variety of problems from 3 spot to 5+. There are jug problems, technical problems, technical jug problems, crimp problems, sloper problems, etc…  Jonny set a cool short hard 5+ (dark green) on crimps and edges out the middle of the Dojo that drops off after matching the flat jug near the volume. Danny set an amazing 5+ (blue and white chico) that starts on the right in the cave and climbs through the volume and out the roof. Ian set some interesting problems out the face and left side of the roof. Carlo’s technical 4 spot (red) and 4+ (green) on the right face are a nice way to test your balance and sloper skills. Jon’s black problem out the roof demands a large array of roof climbing skills, including toehooks. Finally, I set several jug hauls of varying difficulty that start on both the right and left sides of the cave.


Oh yeah, and don’t forget to come to Summer Jam this Monday. What is Summer Jam?

Daniel Woods and Paul Robinson will be attending to show their new movie Welcome To The Hood. They also might be selling a few hard-to-find physical copies of the film at the event. Otherwise you can purchase a download online. To learn more check out the event page on Facebook.

See you there!

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