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Setting Update for 5/1 & 5/2 + NEW TEKNIK HOLDS!!!

Tuesday Jonny, Jay Jay, Danny, Carlo and I stripped the Beach and started resetting it. Ian came in and washed holds, then set a problem as well. It was Jon’s birthday, so he took the day off. Happy Birthday Jon!

Jonny showing off some of the new incut mini jugs from Teknik

We came in after lunch on Tuesday to find that 1/2 of Carlo’s hold order had come in. We got some new Teknik holds! We were pretty excited. Most of them went up on the Beach yesterday and today, so look for ’em.

Some more new Teknik holds!

Wednesday Jon was back and we had Ian all day. Jay Jay was at school as usual on Wednesdays, but she’s almost done with the semester. Jonny, Carlo, Danny and I were also here. We filled in the Beach quite a bit so there should be problems for everyone including some interesting 3+ to 5+ out the middle roof and several 2+, 3, and 3- on the sides. And a bunch of stuff in between. Enjoy!

The New Beach

The New Beach part 2

The New Beach part 3

You may have heard that things have been shaken up a bit in the route setting department lately. Carlo is going to be leaving on a long climbing trip on June 2nd. He is starting with several months in Africa. He is no longer head setter at The Spot, but he will be setting with us until he leaves. You can follow Carlo’s trip on his blog – carlotraversi.com.

At the moment the crew is splitting up the responsibilities of head setter. Danny is in charge of route inventory, so in the pic above he’s recording what we have on the Beach so we can get a good idea of what grades of problems we are lacking with each set and try and fill in with those grades to make sure we keep a nice problem spread at all times in the gym. Obviously some walls are more conducive to certain grades than others, but we go for a bell curve for each wall and a bigger bell curve for the whole gym to make sure we are serving all of our customers and programs.

There is a new comment box for the whole gym on the table between the bathrooms. Please feel free to leave us comments or suggestions there or here on the blog on our “Talk To Us” page at the top. Also you can email us at spotsetters at gmail.com.


  1. May 8, 2012 at 3:14 pm

    You all set some awesome stuff on the beach! I’ve been so psyched on the quantity of great stuff lately, keep up the good work. I’ve also really enjoyed the couple, ‘Problems of the week’. Got one for the beach?

  2. Jackie
    May 8, 2012 at 10:38 pm

    Thanks for the feedback Chris! We will confer on Wednesday and I will get back to you with the POTW for last week (Beach) and this week (Font). : )

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