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Bouldering World Cup 2012 #4 – Innsbruck, Austria – Semifinals Results + Meet the Finalists

the female finalists

I didn’t get to watch semis, but the results demonstrate a considerable shake-up from the past few events. I’m going to talk a little about each of the competitors who qualified for finals and add links to full results below.


Anna Stöhr in Vienna by Heiko Wilhelm

1. Anna Stöhr maintained her first place position with 3 flashes and 3 tries to the 4th bonus hold. Anna is a phenomenal competitor and has made finals at every Bouldering World Cup so far this season. She has podiumed twice and last comp, also in her home country of Austria, she took 5th. Last season she made finals in every event, taking 1st 3 times, 2nd 3 times, and 6th twice. She also won the 2011 World Championships in Arco.


Jain in Vail 2011 | Heiko Wilhelm

2. Korean climber Jain Kim, in her first Bouldering World Cup of the season, qualified in 2nd with 3 flashes and 4 tries to the 4th bonus hold. Jain won the last two Bouldering World Cups she entered – Barcelona and Kranj in 2011. She was also recently featured this photo shoot:


Alex on the circuit in 2012

3. Alex Puccio!  Alex flashed 3 problems but wasn’t able to get to the bonus hold on the 4th. She is the current US Natioanl Champion. Last comp Alex took 3rd.


Shauna and the amazing lock off in Vienna. She static-ed to the next hold.

4. Shauna Coxsey, who is from Great Britain but you will recognize from 2012 ABS Nationals, has been having a great World Cup season and has made finals every time so far, with 2 4th place finishes and 1 2nd place. She got 3 tops in 4 tries and also was the only competitor to flash to the 4th bonus hold.


Melissa Le Neve in 2011

5. Melissa Le Neve, of France, was a regular fixture in finals last season. This season she made finals in Slovenia and got 10th in Vienna and 14th in China. Like Shauna she got 3 tops in 4 tries, and like Alex she didn’t get the 4th bonus hold.


Katharina Saurwein of Team Austria

6. Katharina Sauerwein made headlines in the US this past winter with TK TK.  Her World Cup season thus far hasn’t been the best, with 14th in Slovenia and 23rd in Vienna. I’m sure she is glad for a spot in finals in front of her home country crowd in Innsbruck. She made finals with 2 flashes to top and a flash to the 3rd bonus as well.


Akiyo sitting high on that slippery sloper for her win in Vienna

7. Akiyo Noguchi of Japan, who won the last event in Vienna, should be in finals as well as she tied with Katharina in semis with 2t2 3b3. She qualified for semis in 10th and Katha qualified in 6th so if they only do take one Katha is in. I’ll post again if I learn more, but I’m pretty sure she’s in.  UPDATE – apparently not in. ??


Japanese climber Momoka Oda, who got 4th at comp 2 in Slovenia, is in 8th. Mina Markovic, who has made every final so far this season with 6th in China, 1st in Slovenia, and 2nd in Vienna, is out of finals and ended up in what I’m sure is a disappointing 12th place. For full semis results click here: Full Women’s Semi Results Innsbruck



Sean McColl

1. Sean McColl of Canada has not been climbing his best so far this season with 15th in Slovenia and 9th in Vienna. He must be excited to have flashed all his semis to be going into finals in 1st place.


Kilian using his claw grip to pull through. Vienna 2012.

2. Kilian Fischhuber is pretty much a fixture on World Cup podiums, even if he barley squeaks into finals, as he has been doing well in the end with a 2nd in Slovenia and 3rd in Vienna. It seems like this comp he’s climbing a bit better with 3 flashes and 1 2nd try top in semis.


Stewart Watson by Heiko Wilhelm

3. Stewart Watson of Great Britain is an extremely strong chap but definitely isn’t a regular finalist. His only previous appearance in a Bouldering World Cup Final was in 2010 in Wein, Austria, though he has made top 10 several times.


Rustam Gelmanov

4. Russian Rustam Gelmanov has been having a stellar season with wins at the last two events and a 3rd place in China. He didn’t do as well in qualifiers as he had been doing but he did well enough in semis to make him 4 for 4 in finals this season.


Jakob Schubert

5. Jakob Schubert is a crusher. You may remember him for the spectacular performance he put on at the US Lead World Cup in Boulder. So far this Bouldering season after winning in China he got 6th in Slovenia and 23rd in Vienna.


Ned Feehally

6. Edward (Ned) Feehally is another beastly strong British climber who has only made finals once, in Eindhoven in 2009.


Notably out of finals is Russian Dmitrii Sharafutdinov who made every final last season–winning 3, getting 2nd in 2, 1 3rd, 1 4th, and 1 5th. This season so far he got 13th in China, 4th in Slovenia, and 2nd in Vienna. Also Guillaume Glairon Mondet ended up in 10th. Full Men’s Semi Results Innsbruck

Kilian and Anna pre-comp interview in Innsbruck

Finals start at 12 noon Boulder time and stream live on IFSC.tv

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