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Vail World Cup 2012 – Media Wrap Up

Sean McColl and Anna Stohr on Final 4

The 2012 IFSC Bouldering World Cup in Vail, Colorado, was a great success. Eighty-nine competitors from France, Mexico, The Netherlands, Korea, Japan, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Great Britain, Germany, Australia, Finland, China, Canada, and the USA did their best as the field was whittled to 40 semifinalists, then 12 finalists, then finally to the two who stood atop the podiums as champions.
As the home country, America was allowed to fill extra spaces in the competition with home team climbers. Former Vail World Cup champions Alex Puccio, Alex Johnson, and Daniel Woods were joined by a large American team including many names you will recognize from Spot Series Comps–Angie Payne, Tiffany Hensley (a Spot coach!), Nina Williams, Tyler and Jesse Youngwerth, Chauncenia Cox, Lizzy Asher, Sierra Blair-Coyle, Carlo Traversi, Matty Hong, Michael O’Rourke, Alex David Johnson, Matt Wilder, Garrett Gregor, and Austin Geiman. Rounding out the team were Cicada Jenerik, Delaney Miller, Josh Levin, Alex Fritz, Josh Larson, Zach Lerner, Michael Bautista, and Ethan Pringle.
The problems were exciting to watch and seemed to truly divide competitors as they were challenged on many different styles of climbing. The slabs were inventive and challenging, the dynos were large, and more than one competitor looked hopeless, only to pull off a send at the last second to the screams of the crowd.
When the dust settled it was Austrian champions Anna Stöhr and Kilian Fischhuber atop the podiums, with Canadian Sean McColl and German Jan Hojer rounding out the Men’s podium and Briton Shauna Coxsey and German Jule Wurm in 2nd and 3rd for the women.  The only two Americans in finals were Alex Johnson, who took 4th and Alex Puccio, who took 5th.


Here is all the media we have posted on this event. We will update this page as we add more media.


A Couple of Photos mid-event

Intro + Men’s Qualifiers UPDATED

Women’s Qualifiers

Men’s & Women’s Semifinals

Women’s Finals 3 & 4

Final Results and Podium Shots

Finals Live Feed Video

Article from Sean McColl

Other Media

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