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Vail World Cup 2012 – Men’s & Women’s Semifinals

I missed most of this round as well.  We camped and got up way too late.  Oops.  So I don’t have any photos of 1 or 2 for men or women. Here are 3, 4, and 5.

Alex Johnson flashing Women’s Semi 3 in good style.

Jakob Schubert on Men’s 4, Alex Johnson finishing Women’s 3

Alex Puccio midway up her flash of Women’s semi 3, Kilian Fischhuber midway up the powerful men’s semi 2.

Kilian Fischhuber atop Men’s Semi 2

Angie on Women’s 4, Ty on Men’s 3, Jakob on Men’s 2. To the far right, Alex Johnson is about to hurt her finger by bumping right hand to the right pocket on Women’s Semi 2.

Alex Puccio wrestling through the bottom of Women’s semi 4

Alex Johnson near the top of Semi 4. This move gave some girls major trouble, while others seemed to easily move through it.

Alex Johnson at the top of Women’s semi 4. To the right you can see men’s semi 3, women’s semi 2 on the left side of the big bulge, men’s semi 2 to the right of that, and then women’s semi 1 and men’s semi 1 way to the right.

Matty Hong at the start of Men’s Q 4. Several climbers had trouble figuring this one out, standing too high on the arete and trying to step across. The way was to sag low and move around the volume, then rock up on the right foot to the bonus hold, do a slippery left foot smear on the volume to grab the white jib, go again to the green crimp above the volume or go right to it, left to the next green hold, and…

Tyler Landman about to levitate. On this try he didn’t go quite hard enough, but on his last go he literally raced against the clock, starting with 18 seconds left and running through the bottom of the problem which had previously given him trouble to make this move to the last hold as the time ran out. It was extremely exciting and the crowd went nuts.

Sean levitating his way to the finish. It seemed like there was no good way to do this move besides jumping, so that’s what most competitors did.

Sean McColl atop his last semi on his flash. He flashed 3 of the 4 semis after falling 3 times on the first one.

Guillaume Glairon-Mondet atop Men’s Semi 4, Angie Payne cruxing out on the last move of Women’s Semi 4 (she didn’t get it) and Ty Landman easily doing the double dyno of Men’s Semi 3 (he fell from the last move on the flash and didn’t end up finishing the problem).


After semis, only 2 Americans were still in it. Alex Johnson went into finals in 4th, and Alex Puccio went in in 6th. Our highest ranking boy was Daniel Woods in 10th place.

Finalists (top 6 semifinalists)


1. Jule Wurm GER

2. Shauna Coxsey GBR

3. Mélanie Sandoz  FRA

4. Alex Johnson USA

5. Anna Stöhr  AUT

6. Alex Puccio  USA


1. Jakob Schubert  AUT

2. Rei Sugimoto  JPN

3. Jan Hojer  GER

4. Guillaume Glairon Mondet  FRA

5. Sean McColl  CAN

6. Kilian Fischhuber  AUT



Full Semis Results:

IFSC – International Federation of Sport Climbing: Resultlist 1/2 Final W O M E N bouldering

IFSC – International Federation of Sport Climbing: Resultlist 1/2 Final M E N bouldering



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