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Vail World Cup 2012 – Women’s Qualifiers

This post will be briefer than the men’s qualifiers as I only saw about the last 3rd of this round. Here are some photos and notes on women’s qualifiers. There were 40 competitors.


Women’s Qualifier 1

Balance up a corner on slopers, delicate top move around the arete.

Jesse Youngwerth on the much-flashed Women’s Qualifier 1. Most competitors either flashed this or did it 2nd try. Only a handful of the 40 women didn’t make it to the top.


Women’s Qualifier 2

This problem had a really cool start move. You sort of jumped off the right foot to the start hold, and threw a left toe hook to stabilize you before you could swing off. From there it was smeary balance and power to the top.

Nina Williams staring down Women’s Qualifier 2.


Women’s Qualifier 3

I don’t have many pictures, but the deal was get established up on the two volumes at the bottom and dyno either backwards, as Nina is doing below, or flip around and go forwards, as I saw Hungarian competitor Andrea Szekely do. From there campus left hand (or figure 4) to an e-grips comfy crimp, then out right to another (many fell from these powerful moves). Heel around the volume, up right to bonus, out left to finish.

Tyler Youngwerth of Team USA at the start of Women’s Q 3

Nina Williams commits to the dyno on Women’s Q 3.


Women’s Qualifier 4

Start on a sidewall, move up through slopers and jibs to the bonus (either right hand jump or left hand cross) move out right and keep good tension and balance to get into position for the last move.

The Japanese climber on the right is at the start of Women’s Qualifier 4. Up the arete and right to the sloper bonus hold. On the left, Angie Payne works out the balance on Q5.

Spot Coach Tiffany Hensley near the end of Q4. To me this looked the hardest. Competitors had to go from this not so good hold (the right hand) out right to the slightly better but hard-to-hit slot, then stand up off a left foot (where her right foot is now) to the finish. Alex Puccio told me that the hold Tiffany’s rt hand is on now is not very good, and that she crossed to it off the sloping ball to make it easier to move out right. Other competitors tried to match, though I didn’t see anyone make it work (but I’m pretty sure some did). The slopers are new Element climbing dualtex and they look pretty awesome.


Women’s Qualifier 5

This was also on the far left slab and required some serious balance and finagling. Once competitors figured out how to get out right past the white blob slopers to the right arete, they had to move over onto the overhanging face for a couple of hard moves to the finish. More than one girl fell from this heartbreaking position staring at the finish hold.

Mina at the start. Stand up, shift right on white sloper to white blobs…

Dealing with the blobs. Her next hold is a jib on the arete, but you can’t see it. This problem was all balance balance balance at the bottom.

Briton Mina Leslie-Wujastyk just one move from the finish. Sadly she didn’t quite get there. The method I saw that worked was hiking the left foot up onto the bonus hold and crossing. Angie Payne pulled this one out after several tries in that manner.


After qualifiers the American women were in good shape with Alex Johnson in 1st with 5 flashes, Alex Puccio in 3rd with 5 tops in 8 tries, Angie Payne in 5th with 5 tops in 13 tries, Sierra Blair-Coyle in 14th with 3 tops in 5 tries, Cicada Jenerik with 2 tops in 2 tries, Chauncenia Cox in 19th with 2 tops in 8 tries, and Lizzy Asher in 20th with 1 flash and 5 bonus holds. Just out was Spot Coach Tiffany Hensley in 21st with 1 flash and 5 bonus in 17 tries (to Lizzy’s 10 tries to bonus). For the rest see full women’s qualifiers results – IFSC – International Federation of Sport Climbing: Resultlist Qualification W O M E N bouldering


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