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Setting Update 2 Weeks

I still haven’t finished with the World Cup posts. I have spent some 30+ hrs driving in the last week, been in a wedding, and had nearly no internet access. I will finish updating when I have a chance.

On another note, we skipped a week of setting the week of the World Cup. Today I saw no less than 3 notes from customers asking that we set more problems.  We appreciate that you guys love to see new problems each week, and we always do our best to give them to you. Very occasionally we will need to take a week off. Otherwise you can expect at least one wall reset each week.

Last week Danny, Jon, Nick, and Jay Jay, plus Gabor for one day and Jonny for one day, reset the River Wall. You will be excited to see that we got some sweet new Motivation Volumes and an awesome set of Teknik Pinches. Look for the pinches on the River Wall (hint: they are big and orange) and see some of the volumes on the River Wall and the rest will probably end up on the Dojo this week since we have little self-restraint when it comes to new holds. All the volumes are bolt-on, which is best for our walls since we can’t really put screws into them. Here is what the River Wall looks like:

The New Left River

The River Arete

The New Right River

We set the Dojo today and will fill-in tomorrow.  Enjoy!

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