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Ye Olde Setting Bloge Update

As you probably all know, I’ve been out of town for a few weeks now. Yay for me! And for the setting crew, we’ve had a few helpers helping out in the absence of myself and Nic and 1/2 time from Jonny. The first two, Gabor and Connor, have been guest setting at the Spot off and on for years. They also have been regular helpers during SBS Season comps. The third is recent New England transport and LT11 member Dave Wetmore.

Dave Wetmore showing off for his Louder Than 11 Blog (click photo to read how psyched he is to be in Boulder!)

If you’ve been into the gym, you’ll know, but recent sets were Hueco Back and the Treadwall, and this week is the Beach. I’ll be home next week, after the Outdoor Retailer Trade Show in Salt Lake City where I will be scoping out all the coolest new holds and other great stuff for The Spot Gym. Jon will be there as well, taking care of some business, of which he has a lot being not only a setter at the Spot but also 1/2 of the founding team of the upcoming media empire Louder Than 11.

See you guys next week!!!

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