Angie Payne Is Going Big!

Angie with the bags. Photo by Keith Ladinski

One of our favorite Boulder-based boulderers, the wonderful Miss Angie Payne, has headed off on a major expedition with Keith Ladzinski, Mike Libecki, and Ethan Pringle. Payne has started a blog where she will talk about the expedition (and other climbing-related stuff) and so far it is quite good. See it here – Angie Payne Blog.

What does this have to do with The Spot? While checking out her expedition info I realized that Angie’s athlete page on trip sponsor Mountain Hardware’s site has an interesting section where she talks about a moment that changed her climbing. The moment she is talking about happened at the 2010 Battle In The Bubble.

Angie was a major competitor for many years, though in the mid 2000’s she seemed to retire from comp climbing for a while. Then she got hurt, came back, began competing again, and a few months later became the first woman in the world to climb a confirmed V13 when she did The Automator at Rocky Mountain National Park.

It is cool to read that the Battle In The Bubble competition was so much fun for Angie and that it had such a positive effect on her climbing life.

Angie’s comments on the Mountain Hardware site

To see her whole Mountain Hardware athlete profile (which is pretty good reading) click here – Mountain Hardwear | Athlete Angela Payne – Climbing

And the picture she is talking about? Taken by none other than Ben Alexandra. Check it out:

Angie’s big smile | photo by Ben Alexandra

Have fun in Iceland and Greenland Angie!!!

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