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Be on The Spot Team!

The Spot’s overhaul means we’re focusing more on training. The whole upstairs is open to all members and daypass holders and we will be improving our training area with more and better equipment. Stay tuned for an exciting announcement about that soon. We are also dropping most of our programs, meaning for the time being there are no classes or programs besides our wonderful Youth Teams. This will cut down on the amount of kid traffic in the gym and make it easier for our customers to get the workout they come to the Spot for. This will also allow us to focus on our Team kids and help them be the best climbers they can be.

For the 2012/2013 Season The Spot coaching lineup has changed somewhat. Here is a little bit about some of the new and returning coaches.

Returning Coaches

Shannon Forsman

Shannon bouldering in Squamish

Shannon Forsman has been climbing for over 17 years! She has been coaching on and off since high school, and after getting her degree at UBC in British Colombia she spent the past two years coaching fitness and climbing at The Spot. Shannon has worked with youth, adults, and is one of the main coaches of The Spot Comp Team, a job she is well suited for as she has competed in international climbing competitions and bouldered up to V11 outdoors. She is also an accomplished photographer and freelance graphic designer.


Gabi Masse

Gabi pullin’ down outdoors

Gabi Masse has been climbing and competing since she was a young climber in the Bay Area of California. Gabi’s training experiences from her time as a junior competitor are the basis for part of the Spot Competition Team’s new curriculum. Gabi has been coaching at the Spot for the past 2 years, and though she will be spending the first part of the season out of town, she will return to coach for winter and spring. She has climbed V10 and 5.13d


Lily Cornett

Lily at the boulders

Lily Cornett is a strong young climber who is also attending CU Boulder. Lily has been coaching at The Spot for 2 years and works with both kids and adults.


Tiffany Hensley

Tiffany Hensley competing at the World Cup in Vail, 2012

Tiffany Hensley has been climbing for most of her life, and competing nearly as long. She has competed for the USA in World Cups as a junior and as an adult in lead, speed, and bouldering and is known for her quirky talent of being able to find a rest nearly anywhere.


Josh Paton

Josh in Hueco

Josh Paton has been a longtime Spot instructor and guide. He also takes care of the facility and is one of the reason our big events are as organized as they are. This year he will be taking over the administrative side of the Spot Team program and continuing to coach. He loves outdoor climbing, whether it is trad, sport, bouldering, or ice.


New Coaches

Ian Dory

Ian Dory in Australia

Ian Dory is one of the strongest young climbers in the world. Most recently he visited Australia with Dave Graham and Nalle Hukkataival to put up new boulder problems. On the trip he made the 7th and youngest ascent of the bouldering testpiece The Wheel Of Life (originally suggested to be bouldering grade V16, now often considered a route in the mid-5.14 range). He has also placed well in major pro competitions including Spot Series and Battle in the Bubble, Ultimate Bouldering Championships (He won the North Face Open in 2011!), ABS Nationals, and IFSC World Cups as part of the US Team.


Jackie Hueftle

Jackie in Font

The Spot’s new Head Setter will also be helping coach the Competition Team. Jackie has been climbing for 14 years and as a junior competed in major competitions including an invitational in China and Junior Lead World Championships. She has also set many major adult and youth events including Youth Nationals for ropes and bouldering and Mammut Bouldering Pro Opens. Read her profile here on the setting blog to learn more.


Andy Hansen

Andy on Dire Wolf 5.12 in Zion National Park, Utah

Andy started coaching at The Spot this past summer and is an experienced instructor and outdoor guide. We just met, but here is what he told me about himself: I was born and raised around the farm fields of Wisconsin where there are practically no climbable rocks. I moved west and found big rocks to climb. I primarily focus on traditional climbing especially longer, alpine style routes. Though this is my main focus, I use bouldering and sport climbing as a means to flourish as an all around climber. I’ve been climbing for 6 years and guiding for the last 3 in Wisconsin, Nevada and Colorado. Some notable and personal favorite ascents include The Cloud Tower 5.12, IV in Red Rock Canyon, Nevada; Alpha Centauri 5.10d in Devil’s Lake, WI; and Vino Rojo V6 at the Kraft Boulders in Las Vegas, NV.


So that’s the current coaching line up. Come on down to The Spot this Saturday, August 18th, for evaluation and placement on one of the Spot’s awesome junior teams!

Try-outs are free, see you there!

Email coaching@thespotgym.com with questions.


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  1. Ian Hill
    August 15, 2012 at 6:30 pm

    Andy kicks ass treat him well.

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