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Setting Update for Aug 14/15 & 21/22 + Yay Dave! + Yay Connor! + GATOR!!!

Setting Update for August 14th & 15th

Sorry I didn’t update last week, but here are pictures of the new Hueco Frontside if you haven’t seen it yet:

The new right front Hueco

The new front Hueco

New left Hueco

We set several problems specifically for the Youth Team Tryouts, including several harder problems set specifically for much smaller folks and 3 sets of dynos on the right front Hueco. Enjoy!

Setting Update for August 21st & 22nd

Here is a picture of this week’s wall, the River:

The only picture I took of the River wall. Sorry. You’ll just have to go in and see it!


Yay Dave!

Dave is staying! He will keep setting Tuesdays at the Spot through the fall though intermittently he’ll be returning to Boston to set The Dark Horse Series Comps. We are glad to give you the chance to climb his problems while he is in town.

Hey Dave! “What?” Snap.


Yay Connor!

We are also glad to announce that our buddy Connor Griffith will begin setting regularly at The Spot once he returns from his family vacation. Connor has been helping us out at comps and random other times for the past several years.

Connor also climbs on real rock!



Also this week Jon got eaten. He will be missed.

Queue scary jaws-like music

See you next Wednesday at the Welcome Back Bash!

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