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Setting Update and Announcement – Brief Hueco Boulder Frontside Closure

We will be closing the frontside of the Hueco boulder on Monday night, September 10th, at 10pm for a t-nut repair project. It will be loud on Tuesday until midday and most likely part of Wednesday as well, so apologies for that in advance. By Thursday afternoon we should have the wall reset with a light fill and we will continue the fill the following week on Tuesday the 18th and Wednesday the 19th. We will not be stripping any walls this week, only adding problems. The week after this is pre-comp week and we will not be setting Tues/Wed but instead will be setting Thurs/Fri for the comp. For those who don’t remember or don’t know, here is the comp setting schedule with wall closures:

Wednesday 9/26 – Stripping Dojo and Beach starting at 10pm.

Thursday 9/27 – Beach and Dojo closed to climbing, rest of gym open as usual. We begin stripping the rest of the gym at 10pm, but walls will be open to climbing until normal gym closure at 11pm.

Friday 9/28 – Gym closed for setting. Spot members can climb free of charge at the BRC.

Saturday 9/29 – THE GUN SHOW!!!  Gym closed except to competitors/spectators. Members can climb at BRC, but really you should come to our awesome comp! ABS sanctioned. 52 new boulder problems. Food from Naked Pizza. Beer from Avery. Entertainment. Pro Final. Super super super fun. Don’t miss it!!!

Sunday 9/30 the gym is open as usual with only comp problems and the Yosemite wall and treadwall set. On Monday 10/1, Tuesday 10/2, and Wednesday 10/3 we will set a light fill around the gym, so you’ll have lots to climb on.

I will post more on the comp and with other setting updates as they happen, as well as the update with broken holds from last week.

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