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“The Battle” Norway – Women’s 1 & 2

Women’s 1

This problem was set by Hannah Midtbo and it looked a combination of big moves and power. Maria Davies Sandbu seemed to suffer the most, though Puccio was the only climber to send the problem. Hannah had two good goes but it wasn’t quite enough…

The start hold for both Women’s 1 and Men’s 1

Puccio mid-double-jump right to match that feature.

Maria went for the press-match instead of the sideways double hand jump.

Hannah’s cool kneebar cross

Mina styling the bottom.

Maria had trouble here and didn’t stick this drop-in match.

Hannah powering through her sequence.

Mina stuck this move but fell on the next. She probably needed to get her other hand up before jumping but she looked pretty gassed even here and wasn’t able to do so. Hannah went right hand low, left hand high to where Mina’s right is.

Only Alex and Hannah stuck this move. Hannah on her 2nd go.

Hannah looked good but then fell off the next move.

When in doubt, campus. Puccio is about to campus the next move.

Alex did this problem 1st go and was the only competitor to finish.


Women’s 2

Problem 2 was set by Maria Davies Sandbu and it looked like the most fun of all the finals. Technical, some power moves but a lot of static strength which also appeared to be Sandbu’s strength. All the competitors sent, though due to the slopey finish hold it looked touch-and-go up there for most of ’em.

Mina on the bottom moves.

Alex moving quick and strong to the volume.

Mina looked a little tired but she still hiked her way through this one.

Maria near the top after struggling with the move off the volume.

Hannah at the top. Perch on that foot to match!



“The Battle” Norway – Comp and Athlete Intro

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