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“The Battle” Norway – Women’s Boulders 3 & 4 and Results

Women’s Boulder 3

This problem was set by Puccio, and as she said in the pre-climbing interview, it was a set of long powerful moves between wide pinches.

Hannah styling the first move.

Mina on the start. Everyone did the start moves easily.

Maria gearing up for the jump.

Hannah was close! So was Mina. Maria not quite as close. But none stuck.

Sticking the 1st crux. The 2nd move of the problem. Nobody else stuck it.

Doing what she does best. P-O-W-E-R.

The last move did look pretty long and Alex looked tired.

But she did it. Alex at the top first go for the only send.


Women’s Boulder 4

This problem was set by Mina “Fantastic” Leslie-Wujastyk and looked quite technical and powerful. It began with a double dyno out the eyeball, then moved right through some tensionsy crimp moves to some more spread-out crimp moves up the overhanging wall to the top. This was the only boulder Alex fell on, though she did it 2nd go. Mina did it first go for the only other ascent.

Maria fell on the dyno several times before finally sticking it. The other 3 didn’t seem to have much problem with it. Mina did it the cleanest, crossing left to the left hold and then grabbing the right hold with the right hand on the swing. Hannah, Puccio and Maria all doubled to the left hold.

Hannah stuck the dyno easily and got to the crimps out right but fell moving to the right wall.

Maria got her feet over before falling trying to do the next move.

Only Alex and Mina stuck this tensiony move.


Alex nearly stuck this move but her foot was too low and as she went to campus up her hand slipped off. She did it next go.

Mina styling a dropknee on the move that dropped Puccio 1st go.

Alex gearing up for the last move.

Mina at the top on the problem’s only 1st go of the day ascent.


Women’s Results


Women’s Podium. From Left, 4th place Maria, 3rd Hannah, 2nd Mina, 1st Alex Puccio

Stay tuned for Women’s problems 1 & 2 and Men’s problems and results!



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