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“The Battle” Norway Men’s 4


Men’s 4

Set by Carlo. Undercling, sloper gaston left, out to incut gaston right, hand-foot match cross, drop down to undercling, tricky sequence of hand bumps, up to pinch, up… When watching the earlier problems it seemed like the climbers who set them had a plan and then other climbers found other ways to do them. The hand sequence at the bottom of this problem seemed to be unskippable, and everybody did the same thing until the jump to the pinch. Everyone but Daniel even used the same foot maneuvers.

Daniel on the 2nd move.

Carlo with the hand-foot match just before the low cross.

Nalle doing the cross at the start. You can just see his foot up behind him.

Then your foot comes off and it puts you in this position. Then bump right out to undercling, then…

Daniel on the first crux, bumping the left hand back down to the good incut with the tick on it. Then right hand up where left is now and jump to the pinch.

Dave fell on this jump to the pinch. Most went left hand and caught it as a hamhock, Daniel went right hand.

Magnus copped a rest in the middle on a pinch. Next move out to the green feature, match it, flip it…

…and Daniel went to the undercling left hand first…

…Nalle did this strenuous looking cross. So did Magnus and Carlo.

Daniel one move from the top. Double-undercling cross to the pinch. Jump to the finish.

The last hold was not a jug, but it was good enough.

Nalle at the top



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