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“The Battle” Norway Men’s 5 and Podium

Men’s 5

The final boulder was set by Magnus Midtbo and looked to be quite strenuous.

Dave used the toehook method for the start.

Nalle and everybody else used this heel-hook left hand first method.

After matching the tiny undercling pocket everyone gastoned left on this foot chip. Then either dynoed or extended to the holds atop the eyeball.

Magnus finally abandoned the double dyno and went with the left hand first, then crossed under to the yellow, tried to match, then went back to the cross and pulled up into a lock-off to the next right hand hold.

Dave struggling on the eyeball.

Carlo in the middle moves.

These moves seemed cruiser compared to the rest. Magnus even rested here before the difficult jump out left to the first of the last two pockets.

The little pockets at the top.

The second crux of men’s 5 seemed to be the last move. Nalle was the first to get here but with both feet slipping off the big teal eyeball he was unable or unwilling to move to the top and dropped off.

Nalle got to the last move but couldn’t or wouldn’t do the far pull off the little pockets with no feet to grab the finish.

Nalle looked exhausted just after dropping off the last move of problem 5.

Daniel came next and found a slightly different solution…

Daniel used both toes for a minute before shifting to his left heel to get his hand to the finish box.

After much effort on the bottom Magnus eventually abandoned his sequence and powered through. The top proved less of a problem for him as he, too, hooked the wall in the finish box and moved in to match it for the problem’s 3rd send.

Daniel hitting the finish box. He was the first to get here and the crowd went wild.

Carlo was very psyched to finish this for his 4th top.


Men’s Podium


The winner :: Daniel Woods

Announcer. 1. Daniel 2. Carlo 3. Magnus 4. Nalle

3. Magnus 4. Nalle 5. Dave (all in black)



“The Battle” Norway – Women’s 1 & 2 and links to athlete intro and 3 & 4 and podium


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