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“The Battle” Norway – Men’s 2 & 3


Men’s 2

Nalle’s problem was set to mimic a climb he recently put up in Rocklands. He intended a triple dyno at the bottom, that is, double to the sloper then bump one hand right to the next sloper to help hold the swing. He was the only one who climbed the sequence though, the rest just held the first sloper. Besides the first dyno the problem didn’t seem to present too much of a problem for the competitors, and everyone finished it.

Nalle starting position.

Daniel holding the regular dyno.

Nalle holding his triple-dyno

Magnus getting his left foot up to match the right sloper.

Carlo about to move to the bonus hold. Next he rocks out left to the higher of the two sidepull/underclings.

Dave Graham doing the close-in undercling to undercling move.

Magnus rotated out of the underclings and about to do the last move. It was a jump, and he did it easily.

Daniel after the flash.


Men’s 3

Like Alex Puccio’s Women’s 3, Daniel Woods’ Men’s 3 was a straightforward powerfest up pinches on a slightly overhanging wall. Like Nalle’s Men’s 2, all the competitors finished this one. Men’s 2 and 3 were good I think to tire the competitors out some for the still-to-come, more technical, Men’s 4 and 5.

Nalle on the first move. Next is a big move up right to the right pinch that is just out of the shot.

Daniel setting up with the pinch and the left hand undercling to jump to the sidepull. Carlo and Magnus matched the pinch instead and jumped off that.

It took Magnus 2 tries to make this work, first go he slipped unexpectedly here while matching. Carlo matched both hands on top of the pinch instead of flipping left hand like Magnus did.


Dave on his first go. He didn’t quite stick the jug and had to go back up there. He used the same high-foot method though and was the only one to do so.

Setting up for the finish. Daniel jumped off his right foot. So did Magnus and Nalle.

Carlo pogoed off his left foot.

Daniel finishing his boulder with a very long move.

Carlo also succeeded, but with an entirely different body position at the start of the move and almost the same position at the end.

Dave dropping from the finish after his send. This problem was finished by all.



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