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Maintenance For Membership Opportunity! – UPDATED

Hi all!

You may have heard of the Spot’s successful M4M (Maintenance for Membership) program. The program allows you to earn hours towards free membership months by helping us at The Spot. You can also use your hours for comp entry fees.

We have a limited number of spaces open for M4Mers with the routesetting crew during comp season. Setting M4M helpers will help us strip and clean up the walls the nights before comp setting and also help wash holds. There may be other tasks available as well, for example, during Psychedelia hours will be available for decorating the walls, and Josh Paton, facilities manager, often needs help hanging banners, signs, and lights, setting up barriers and tables, etc…

M4Mers with good availability will be given first priority, and existing M4Mers in good standing will be given first priority at future jobs. We really appreciate all the help, and please understand that we are trading you good value for your work, so this is a job, and if you sign up we expect you to show up.

For the upcoming Gun Show, we are looking for help for the following times. End times are approximate and will depend on if the job is finished and your availability. If you want to help but can’t come in til a little later than the time listed, email me and we’ll see what we can do:

Wednesday  9/26  –  10pm – 11:30pm  – strip and clean up the Beach and Dojo

Thursday 9/27 –  12pm (noon) – 2pm  –  wash holds

Thursday 9/27  –  10pm – midnight  –  strip and clean up rest of gym

Friday 9/28 – 12pm (noon) – 2, or whenever – wash holds

If you have questions or are interested in helping through the Maintenance for Membership program, please email me at routesetting@thespotgym.com.  Thanks!

UPDATE – We have filled all the positions for this event with the setting department. There may be additional opportunities available with facilities, email Josh Paton at facilities@thespotgym.com if you are interested. Also, we will have more m4m shifts available for Psychedelia in October, and will be working the week of Oct 16th-19th to prepare for that event. If you are interested in those shifts please email routesetting@thespotgym.com so I can get you on the list and also email events@thespotgym.com if you are interested in helping decorate the gym for Psychedelia on October 20th. Thanks!

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  1. Andy
    September 23, 2012 at 10:55 am

    I would love to help out at the SPOT!

    • Jackie
      September 23, 2012 at 10:59 am

      email us asap!

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