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Quick Setting Update and Forecast for this week

Ok, so last week we added a bunch to The Beach and we took down the huge volumes on the front of the Font and put up a bunch of new problems on the front and sides as well. Hope you are enjoying them.

Next week is Thanksgiving so some of us are out and about but several setters will come in on Tuesday and put up some new problems for you. Just filling in, no stripping. The week after Thanksgiving is pre-comp week, so we are stripping Beach and Dojo on Wednesday night (28th) and setting them Thursday, then stripping the rest of the gym Thursday night (29th) and setting Friday (30th). The gym will be closed Friday the 30th but you can climb at The Boulder Rock Club.

Saturday, December 1st will be the Highlines and Highballs comp. Don’t miss it!

Also coming after break will be a review of the Prinz holds and also an intro and review of the holds that Orogen Designs sent us last week.

orogenclimbing.com  ~  info@orogenclimbing.com    ~  1.778.678.1446  ~  Victoria, B.C. Canada


Some Orogen holds. Review coming.

Stay tuned and hope everyone has a great break!

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