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SBS 8 Gladiator Finals – Men’s Open Final Results!

Dave Graham The Spot Gym by Page Pierce-Kuepper

Dave Graham on Open 4 during the redpoint round.

There is much to say about the SBS 8 Gladiator Finals! The preliminary round was a nice 3 hour session on boulder problems from 1 Spot to 5++ Spot. This time we had the youth who planned to try and make Open finals compete during the adult session to eliminate the possibility that resting longer after the redpoint session would improve their final results. Here is a rundown of the Men’s Finals Competitors and their prelim performance in order of qualification for finals.

1. Daniel Woods

Daniel came in early and flashed O5 – O10 (only top 5 climbs, so O6, O7, O8, O9, and O10, count for total score), then with a perfect high score of 24,000 he rested up for finals.

2. Matty Hong

Matty went climbing outside all day in Rocky Mountain National Park, then showed up at The Spot just in time to get his 5 climbs and make finals. Matty was the only competitor besides Daniel to log Open 8 in the prelim round. His other climbs were O6, O5, O4, and O3 with 4 total falls for a score of 22,560.

3. Matt Wilder

Matt climbed extremely well, using his mad old-guy skillz to climb O3 – O7 with only 1 fall. Great performance Wilder! We’re always happy to have you. Total prelim score: 22,490.

4. Michael O’Rourke

Young Gun Michael O’Rourke came in next, only 10 pts (1 fall) behind Matt Wilder with the same 5 Open problems and a score of 22,480.

4. Greig Seitz

Tied with O’Rourke was Miramont head setter Greig Seitz with the same problems and falls for the same overall score.

6. Ben Hoberg

One fall behind O’Rourke and Seitz, Ben Hoberg climbed O7-O3 with 3 falls for 22,470.

7. Dave Graham

Legendary climber Dave Graham came in next with the same O7-O3 and 7 falls for 22,430. Dave isn’t much of an indoor climber and rarely competes, so it was a treat to have him show up and have a good time at our event. Thanks for coming Dave!

8. Matt Lubar

Young crusher and multi-time SBS 8 Finalist Matt Lubar was next, just 1 fall behind Dave with 22,420, but he tweaked his back muscle a little in the prelim round and didn’t want to tweak it more before Youth Nationals so he opted out of finals.

Matt Lubar Team ABC Boulder SBS 8 Gladiator Finals

Lubar out for the count.

9. Remi Arata

This meant our last men’s finalist was 9th ranked Remi Arata. Remi is another up-and-coming young crusher. He was a long-time Team BRC climber who recently switched to ABC. Remi did O6-O2 in the prelim round with 1 fall for 21,990 points.


The Final Problem

Michael O'Rourke The Spot Gym SBS 8 Gladiator Final Men's Open Final

Michael O’Rourke keeping his balance.

The Men’s final problem started on a huge sloper in the middle of the Beach. From there it was power/technique through a few underclings to a standing position on a volume with an overhead press off an e-grips Main Dish and a Teknik Sloper. The idea from this point was to turn and face out, then jump to a very positive undercling in the roof, then a move up to a left pinch, a heel-hook or jump to a right pinch, a powerful cross under to a Teknik fat lip, then a big move out right to another fat lip, then a 1-2 jump to a fat lip near the top of the wall left hand and a juggy fat lip just to the right for the right hand.

Here’s what actually happened:

Remi Arata came out first. First go he fell trying to move his body onto the volume, so 3+ points for holding the Main Dish. Next 2 goes he fell jumping for the undercling, so 5 pts, new highpoint. Next go he stuck the undercling, then did the big move up right to hold 8, then fell. Next go he fell after the undercling.

Score: Hold 8/4th attempt


Dave Graham came out next. He’s self-professed to be bad at competitions, but in this case he put on an amazing performance, sprinting through the start of the problem, sticking the jump to the undercling, doing a mega-huge cross to hold 9 (the first fat lip, and the move he did was huge! Nobody saw it coming, and the crowd went crazy!), sticking hold 10 (the right fat lip), doing the big move to hold 11 (the high fat lip just before the final hold) and then falling trying to stick it. He struggled with the jump to the undercling on his next goes, but his spectacular performance was a real highlight for the crowd and for the setters.

Score: 10+/1


Ben Hoberg has been a strong competitor this season, though he currently has a huge cut on his thumb and hasn’t been climbing a ton. Nevertheless, he put on a good show, falling from the jump 4 times before sticking it the 5th time and continuing to the high right pinch (hold 8) before falling.

Score: 8/5


Greig Seitz has also been doing well at SBS comps this year, and this final was no exception. After 1 fall on the jump he stuck it 2nd go, went up left to the left pinch (hold 7), then fell trying to stick hold 8. Next go he went straight to hold 8 but fell trying to lower out and establish well enough to move towards hold 9.

Score: 8/3


Mike O’Rourke was next and he, too, took a few goes to get through the bottom of the problem, falling from the jump twice before sticking it and getting to hold 8. He also fell trying to come out onto the hold and continue.

Score: 8/3


Matt Wilder had a lot of trouble with the jump, standing in the corner for a while and trying all sorts of different methods to get to the undercling without having to dyno for it. He got into some pretty strange positions but unfortunately none of them worked.

Score: 5+/3


Matty Hong The Spot Gym SBS 8 Gladiator Final by Jackie Hueftle

Matty Hong, left hand on hold 7. Going for hold 8.

Matty Hong also took 2 goes to get through the jump, and on his 2nd go when he stuck it he moved up to hold 7 (in sequence) but fell going to hold 8. Next go he fell from the jump again. Next go he got to hold 7 again but fell trying to stick hold 8.

Score: 7+/2


Finally Daniel Woods came out.

Daniel Woods The Spot Gym Gladiator Finals by Ryan Nadlonek

Sometimes technical sequences cause downfalls, and first go Daniel fell getting into the position on the volume and main dish. Not to be deterred, he approached the problem with a new method.

Daniel Woods The Spot Gym Gladiator Finals SBS 8 2013

Daniel manhandling the Main Dish

Daniel is probably the most powerful climber on the planet, and he proved it again by avoiding the jump entirely, instead pressing his way with smear feet up into an undercling position on the main dish. The move he did was seriously, seriously difficult. From there he reached easily to the undercling, demonstrated some more raw power and perfect tension as he moved out right through the fat lips, and prepared for the jump to the top holds. He tried heel-hooking, toeing in, and all sorts of body positions, but he couldn’t seem to find one he was comfortable trying. Finally he went for the heel-hook, but it popped mid move and he was off. Next go he looked seriously pumped but he moved through the undercling press much more easily, then fell from the same top move.

Daniel Woods The Spot Bouldering Series 8 Gladiator Final by Ryan Nadlonek

So close!

Score: 10/2


Many of the competitors got back on the top of the problem after the final was over to try the last moves. Daniel ended up doing the jump we intended, a 1-2 left hand-right hand to the top fat lip and the finish jug. Michael O’Rourke went right hand to the top fat lip, then crossed under to the end jug. Spectators stuck around to watch and it was really cool to see the climbers figure out the top.

Daniel Woods The Spot Gym SBS 8 Gladiator Final Men's Open Final

Daniel sticking the last moves after the comp was over.


Final Results

Dave Graham The Spot Gym Boulder SBS 8 Gladiator Finals final by Ryan Nadlonek

1. Dave Graham

Dave got highpoint on his first try, and it was matched by Daniel but on Daniel’s 2nd try. Dave won! He said this is the first comp he thinks he’s won since the 90’s!

Dave Graham Ian Powell The Spot Gym SBS 8 Gladiator Finals

The winner! And an Ian Powell mall photo bomb.

Daniel Woods SBS 8 Gladiator Finals Comp The Spot Gym by Ryan Nadlonek

2. Daniel Woods

Michael O'Rourke The Spot Bouldering Series SBS 8 Gladiator Finals by Ryan Nadlonek

Mike O’Rourke on the Men’s Final

3. Michael O’Rourke (tie)

Greig Seitz The Spot Gym Gladiator Final SBS 8 2013 by Jackie Hueftle

Greig Seitz on the Men’s Final

3. Greig Seitz (tie)

On the final Greig went 5+, 7+, 8; Mike went 5, 5, 8, 3. We score highpoint and attempts to highpoint for finals, then for countbacks we drop back to the previous round, which in this case was also a tie, so they tied for 3rd overall.

Remi Arata The Spot Gym SBS 8 Gladiator Finals

Remi sticking the undercling. Everything was moving but his hand.

5. Remi Arata

Ben Hoberg The Spot Gym SBS 8 Gladiator Finals Men's Final

Ben trying to cop a rest on the undercling.

6. Ben Hoberg

Matty Hong The Spot Bouldering Series 8 Gladiator Finals Men's Open Final by Jackie Hueftle

Matty pressing up on the volume.

7. Matty Hong

From the way the problem was set, you could go to hold 7 or hold 8 from hold 6. Going directly to hold 8 was supposed to be a dead end, though Daniel Woods went that way and made it work. Dave skipped directly from hold 6 to hold 9 in a display that astounded the setters and the crowd.

Dave Graham The Spot Gym SBS 8 Gladiator Finals

Dave Graham wide open after doing his huge cross to the Fat Lip.

Matt Wilder The Spot Gym Boulder SBS 8 Gladiator Finals

Matt Wilder getting creative.

8. Matt Wilder


Dave had some big-time fans from Venezuela:

Dave Graham autographs at The Spot Gym

Ladies Love Dave


And finally, here’s what happens when you spend the night at a father-daughter dance, then race to the gym to get scoring done:

Dan Howley The Spot Gym SBS Scoring by Jackie Hueftle

Nice suit, Dan. Very professional.

Stay tuned for the women’s final and more comp photos coming soon!!!

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