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New Holds – Habit & Uncarved Block + Quick Update UPDATED

Habit Climbing Holds

We got a sweet tester care package from a company called Habit. Habit is selling all kinds of climbing gear and pouring holds from a few different companies, including Uncarved Block (the ones with the little Ying-Yangs) from Australia, and Habit-brand holds. The holds are being poured in Salt Lake by our friend Leif and his company Proxy Productions. Habit sent us a ton of holds, as well as self-tapping screws and a couple of t-shirts. Thanks guys! We are excited to see how the holds work for us.

Check out their site here – Habit Climbing

Impressions so far:

Texture – Very nice. Fine and comfortable. Held chalk well. Not slick.

Mix – Urethane blend. Threw one at the concrete floor and the edge chipped a tad but overall sturdy. Did not break.

Logo – The plastic ying-yang is a little weird. Not interruptive, but maybe an unnecessary expense? We think they should try googly eyes instead.

Shapes – Some are awesome, some seem a little awkward. Excited about the green jibs. The black pinches and small rounded edges are cool, as are the red blocks (which look sort of unoriginal but are actually really interesting and comfortable and I’ve never felt any quite like them before.) The roof jugs (big, blue) are comfortable and cool. The big blue slopers seem…ok, not amazing. The two gray holds a the top left are really cool. I will write the real names for each of these sets when I write about them in more detail, but if you are around the Spot, we set with some of them on the Beach today. That brings us to…

Quick Setting Update

We set a bunch on the Beach today. We are setting on the Beach again tomorrow, and probably Wednesday as well. I will update again in the next 2 days. UPDATE from Tuesday – more Beach problems!!!

Check out the Habit  and Uncarved Block holds and let us know what you think!!!

  1. Louie
    February 12, 2013 at 9:09 am

    Aren’t the Yin Yang holds Uncarved Block? Habot must be distributing them.

    • Jackie
      February 12, 2013 at 6:17 pm

      Louie, yes, I was confused about that, but I think that is correct. I’ll report back once I’ve got it figured out. US distributor is Habit.

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