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Quick Setting Update + ABS Nationals + Red Point Holds!

The Spot Gym River Wall Reset

The New Left River. Notice Carlo trying some of our new problems on the left side of the photo. He’s been on the road since June, but due to upcoming ABS Nationals, a bunch of America’s best climbers are in town to earn their place on the World Cup team for Vail this summer, and many have come into the Spot to get that last bit of climbing in before qualifiers on Friday.

Speaking of ABS Nationals, it is in Colorado Springs (fairly close) and USA Climbing has been making a big effort to put on a really good show. It is definitely worth driving down to watch or, if you have time and want to really experience what it takes to put on our National Climbing Team Selection event, volunteer! Register to compete, see the running order, find a hotel, sign up to volunteer, see the schedule, and more: ABS Nationals Homepage


Reset Update + Red Point Holds!

Today Connor, Jay Jay, Ian Powell, and I added a bunch of problems to the River. Pic of the Left River above, here are the new Middle and Right River:

The Spot Gym River Wall Reset Feb 2013

I have no idea what that flare is. Check out the cool new blue/tan line up the arete!

The Spot Gym Right River Reset Feb 2013

The climber on the far right is actually on the problem I am about to tell you about.

On our River fill-in today we got two bunches of exciting new holds for you to check out. One set I’ll tell you about tomorrow, but for today, check out the:

Red Point Climbing Holds


Redpoint Climbing Holds

Two purple screw-ons from the Golf Ball Mini-Jugs set that we haven’t tried yet, two green mini crimp/pinches called Commudum Pinches, two cool green angled pinch/slopers from the Tusk set, and three orange rounded jugs that they call Ergo Jugs but that I’m dubbing “Big Paws”



Another angle

We got our tester box of these around one and immediately put them on the wall. You can find them on the purple problem on the far right river. We will do a blog review of these, so climb on ’em and let us know what you think!


A few of the new Red Point Holds

Check out Red Point’s Website – Red Point Climbing Holds Home

That’s all for now. Setting again tomorrow, probably adding to the Font. Enjoy!

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