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Quick Setting Update


This is Lily. She is our new intern. She is also a coach at The Spot. She only gets to come in in the afternoon on Wednesdays because she has school, but so far she helped me set a teal 4 range problem on the right Beach and this week she got in a bit earlier and planned the whole problem. It’s 4 spot, orange with a black stripe, and is on the North (door-side) of the Font Boulder. Check it out!

Speaking of the Font, today Jon, Jay Jay, Connor, Ian Dory, and I added a bunch of problems. Once we ran out of t-nut space, Jon also added a futuristic 5+ (tan, involves a large purple climb-it sloper with two screw-ons) on the left river. He also set an interesting mantle on the slab. Jay Jay put up a great blue/yellow chico dot 4 spot on the South side of the Font. Ian set a cool purple 5- on the Font’s southwest (large front) arete. I set a red 3- I am happy with on the North side. Connor set like a million amazing boulders, as usual, including a 2+ on the arete just left of the downclimb.

Many of the problems are in the 3 – 4 spot range, with at least one 2+ and 1-2 each of 4+, 5-, 5, and 5+.

For those who have questions about the next few weeks: we have not stripped anything yet from/after the comp and we will be adding to the Dojo and Hueco before we start stripping, so you should have enough time to get your projects finished and hopefully even your next round of projects without running out of new boulders to climb as we will be setting the usual schedule.

Also, Josh has finally received the ordered Treadwall parts (he got them custom machined for strength and durability) and the Treadwall should be working again soon. Once it’s back up we are going to give it a fresh set, and the Yosemite as well.

Hope you enjoy the new lines!


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