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ABS 14 Open Nationals – Quali Results

Tiffany Hensley The Spot Gym Coach ABS 14 Nationals

Spot Coach Tiffany Hensley about to finish Women’s Quali 1

We are SO PROUD of setter and coach Ian Dory, who ended up in 8th after qualis, and coach Tiffany Hensley, who is in 11th. Both will be competing in Semifinals this morning, starting at 11am (watch on live feed here!)

The Spot Gym Ian Dory ABS 14 Nationals Qualifiers

Setter and Coach Ian Dory on his first go on Quali 4. He did it next try.

While you are waiting you can watch replays of the qualifiers (most women, last 1/2 of men) here – ABS14  Nationals 2013 Qualifier Replays

We would also like to give a shout out to SBS 8 competitors Megan Mascarenas (1st), Nina Wiliams (5th), Tyler Youngwerth (20th), Kati Peters (21st), and Jesse Youngwerth (22nd); and for the men Daniel Woods (tied for 2nd), Michael O’Rourke (4th), Rob D’Anastasio (5th), Matt Wilder (9th), Jon Cardwell (11th), Ben Hoberg (13th) Matty Hong (14th), and Garrett Gregor (15th) who have all made it into Semifinals.

Matty Hong Men's 1 ABS 14 Nationals

Matty Hong on Men’s 1

ALSO props to our previous head setter Carlo Traversi, who qualified in 10th, and to Matt Lubar, who started out at The Spot and was on our youth team for quite a while. Lubar now climbs for Team ABC and he qualified in 21st, just out of finals. He is a regular fixture in SBS comps and did well in SBS Open Finals this year as well.

Nice job everyone!


ABS 14 Nationals Men’s Semi’s Running Order

‎ABS 14 Nationals Women’s Semi’s Running Order

‎ABS 14 Nationals Men’s Quali Results

‎ABS 14 Nationals Women’s Quali Results

More Info: ABS Nationals Homepage


Semi’s Live Feed (starting at 11am) – TV | Louder Than 11

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