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ABS 14 National Championship Final Results!!!


The podiums. By Nina Williams

IAN DORY GOT 2nd!!!!!

Ian is a setter and coach at The Spot and he’s rapidly become a close member of our community. Ian is a great guy, a truly kind person, hard worker, and fantastic competitor. The first hint we had that he might have something to say at Nationals this year was when he crushed all the problems forerunning for the SBS 8 Gladiator Final a couple of weeks ago. We figured the problems were just a tad easy until the actual comp when we watched some of the best on them and realized how hard they actually were. Since then Ian hasn’t slowed down, and we were so proud and happy to see him climb so strong throughout the comp and earn his 2nd place finish. He rocked a headband the whole comp (it is his wife’s, Ian has been saying he needs a haircut for a few weeks now, but apparently he failed to get one and needed a way to keep his hair out of his face). We think the headband was good luck, and The Spot team members who traveled down to support Ian in finals made signs to wave that said as much.

Ian Dory Team Headband ABS 14 Nationals

Great job Ian!!!


Final Results

ABS 14 Finals were an extremely exciting round with all sorts of highs and lows, near misses and near saves. The competitors moved through the problems in world cup style, 1 problem at a time per gender and no-one moved on till everyone had climbed. Competitors had 4 minutes to try and finish the boulder. Scoring was: tops, points (1 pt per hold), attempts to top, attempts to points. This means that topping is the most important thing to win. Doing well on the other problems was the 2nd most important thing.

LT11 provided a live feed with live commentary by Pete Ward and Brian Runnels (the Climbing Narc) and it was fantastic. You can watch Qualis and Semis online here – TV | Louder Than 11

Replays and highlights will be coming soon.

Here are final results. I may give a short rundown later today as well for those who missed the feed and can’t wait for the replays to be available. It is snowing hard in Boulder so it’s a good day to stay inside.

Nice job to everyone on running the comp and nice job to all the competitors.



Women's Final Results ABS 14 Nationals



ABS 14 Nationals Men's Final Results~

Clicking the photos will take you to the ABS final scoresheets at absnationals.org.

More on the comp coming soon!

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